Saturday, June 15, 2013

Solo Show at Grumpy Bert (Brooklyn, NY)

Here are photos from that show in Brooklyn. I didn't take any of these, cause I just never feel like photographing anything. They're lifted from the Grumpy Bert's website and one photo is from a very nice who I met at the opening.

photo courtesy of: Mehan Jaysuriya.

My largest painting was 16"x20". It did take about a week to make. I did have others that I could have finished but just didn't go with this large so it made no sense to bring.


Grumpy Bert's walls were like charcoal grey, so it punched out all the aqua greens and fluorescent reds.

It was relatively an easy install. The space was 1 1/2 miles from where we were staying at so we walked over in just before noon. It took about 7 hours to finish the install, including getting lunch. 7 hours is pretty fast for us.

The grid is always tricky. Thanks to my friend, Derek, we found a faster way of installing everything with always having to measure every single piece from one another.



So yeah. The show is up for another two week. Here's a link to the store. The address is 82 Bond Street at Atlantic Ave.

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