Wednesday, February 13, 2013

LA Art Book Fair 2013

My friends and I got accepted into the LA Art Book Fair put on by Printed Matter. It was being held at the Geffen at the MOCA in Little Tokyo, so right next door to the Japanese American National Museum which was right next door. It was a four day event and it was huge. We were in the largest room, called Zine World and were luck to secure 2 tables, and it was probably the most successful book/zine fair we ever worked.

This was the view from our table. It's from the guy who made the KIDS film, which is pretty disturbing to see as a 12 year old (said one friend).

The only thing I know about KIDS is that Lou Barlow from Sebadoh wrote and played "Natural One" for their soundtrack.

This is a photo of Jacob Magraw-Mickelson. He flew down from up north to check out the fair and hung out at our booth for a while. The Book fair was sort of like a reunion of almost everyone I met while doing art in LA. Also put a lot of faces to names of artists that I've known for a really long time.
I probably should have taken more photos but I actually barely left our booth.

LA Art Book Fair
I got this photo of Brendan, Evah and I from Poketo's blog. They have really good photos of what the fair looked like.

I found this map online of how to find old LA. I'm going to try and visit at least one spot every time I'm down there. I'm in LA about once or twice a year.

The first stop I made was to Cole's, which is where the French Dip was invented. They made a pretty rad sandwich.

This is the only book I bought while in LA despite working 4 days at a book fair (it was really busy). I bought it at The Last Bookstore, which was around the corner where I was staying at with my friend Derek.

Working four days at a fair was a little hard. In the morning I would walk over from Derek's place to Little Tokyo. It was about a 15 minute walk, and it went from slightly sketchy to very Asian really fast, with a lot of fusion places in between. I'd go into the local grocery store and buy a 6 pack of Asahi, and we'd share it with our other friend from another booth and sort of booze it up until it would get busy. Then it would get kind of crazy town, we'd buy another 6 pack, and then it would be over, and after a whole day of drinking I'd meet up with old friends and then go out drinking. And then I'd do it again the next day.

Sunday, February 17th, we'll be down in LA again for the LA Zine Fest. I hope to visit the H.M.S. Bounty and hopefully find a nice liquor store near the Ukrainian Cultural Center where it'll be held. I'm sharing a small 10 ft table with Brendan, Evah and our other friend, Teppei. If you're in LA you should come by and say hello!

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