Monday, November 26, 2012



When I don't really post on here it's mostly cause I've just been really busy. So yeah, I've been really busy.


My hand is pretty fucked. I've taken a little break from painting, but I'm still drawing. Hanging out at the online arthritis supply store. You can buy like a pack of these rolls you put on your pens or brushes. It feels pretty ridiculous at first but you get kind of used to it. I had to get ready for APE so I had to xerox about 100 copies of 2 of my old zines cause I was running low, plus 100 of the new one, and then I had to do 200 of the new one for the print release for Tiny Showcase. That was a lot of stapling and collating. I'm actually in the middle of a new zine, but I haven't gotten much work done for it.


A long time ago I gave this image to be used for wine labels and then I got half a dozen in the mail. I think they're sold out, otherwise I'd give you a link.


Cat/Squirrel conflict.


We got another cat.

I got a pretty rad postcard in the mail from Britt Sanders. Her work is pretty rad, and she has a pretty sweet comic that is out. You can get it here.

I sent this drawing to the Monster Show in Austin. I think the show is down now. I'm also in a group show in Bristol where I sent them a drawing. And I'm in a group show in Houston. I donated a drawing to a non-profit in SF, which I wish I didn't cause now they send me all these e-mails about stuff I don't care about.

I still have a bunch of stuff for December to do. Uh, The next show is Thursday, December 6th. It's at Rock Paper Scissors in Oakland. My friend Teppei curated a show. It's across the street from the place I last showed in Oakland, on 23rd and Telegraph. The opening is Thursday, so if you want to go, you don't have to do it on First Friday. Here's more info.

That weekend, on Saturday is the East Bay Zine Fest, at Berkeley City College. It's the smallest zine fest we table at, but it's the easiest since it's seriously right down the street from where I live. It's $30 for a table and split 3 ways it's $10 per. They have free coffee from a bucket and last year Marci caught a shoplifter and made her pay Teppei $3. I made $100, which is pretty uh, sad, but afterwards we got pizza at Arinelle's, then played die games at Triple Rock, and then got more beer and played Catan at our house after getting snacks from Andronico's. Triple Rock has like a holiday ale, but you can get the like quarter pints for $2 each, so for $12 you can try them all. But you'd also get really drunk cause they're like 9-12% alcohol.

The next zine fest is in LA in February. I'm sharing a table with Brendan and Evah. The next show in December is in LA at Giant Robot in their annual print show.

Other things:
1. Went to San Diego. Highlights include watching Jumanji, and getting on the plane back to Oakland.
2. New podcast that isn't sports related is the Slumberland Records Podcast.
3. I started a book club with friends. See it here.
4. Shows for next year: April: Group Show in LA, May: Solo Show in Brooklyn, September: Solo Show in Northampton, MA.


Craig Harris said...

Do you have a chiropractor? I can refer you to several friends in Oakland. see Kenda @ Awaken Chiropractic on Grand Ave. I know this can help you. I love love love your work, am a huge fan of Giant Robot. Feel better!!

Deth P. Sun said...

Craig, I don't. I just rest it for a month and it usually gets better. Glad you like my work!