Friday, October 12, 2012

They Come at Night ZIne

Yesterday I finished my zine for "They Come At Night". I had about a week to get it done, cause APE is tomorrow. If you're in the City this weekend and you like buying zines, or comics, and stuff like that, I highly recommend going to the Alternative Press Expo, cause it's probably the best convention for that sort of stuff in the US.

I finished inking everything Wednesday night. Then I had to spend about an hour erasing all my pencil marks. Thursday the Giants were playing an extremely early day game for Game 5 for the NLDS. So early there wasn't a bar I could go to, to see the game. So I ended up at Oscar's on Hearst in Berkeley, which is a diner, and is a very weird place to see a game. I got to see Buster Posey hit a grand slam.

 I then made my way to Copy Central where I xerox all my zines. There's a lot of 3 cent copy places in Berkeley, cause of the University, but most of those machines are hit or miss, and mostly miss. The Fedex copy place is super expensive at like 10c each, and yeah, a lot of bad things can happen when you have to put your credit card in a self serve machine. Copy Central is 7c a copy, and if you make 1000, it's 6c. And their machines are always working. And there's less crazy people, cause they're all making their crazy fliers at the 3c places.

They Come at Night Zine
This is my cover. You can't really do too much of that black, cause it takes a lot of toner, and if you run 100 copies all at once, it'll jam the machine. I kind of learned that the hard way a few years ago, so I try not using it that much. I had to run the covers through the bypass tray cause they're on thicker paper, and I could only copy 1 at a time. The one time I put two through it jammed.

Pg 1
These are the only words I wrote in my zine. I really don't like words or over explaining the drawings I make.

Pages 2 & 3
In case you need to know, those are ghosts.

Pages 4 & 5

Pages 6 & 7

Pages 8  & 9

Pages 10 & 11

Pages 12 & 13

Pages 14 & 15
I kind of wanted a very simple transition to show that the character is going to a new landscape.

Pages 16 & 17

Pages 18 & 19

Page 20

Back Cover

And, yeah, this is the back cover.

The zine is 20 pages B&W, and sells for $6. You can buy it at APE, or you can buy it from website or on Etsy.

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