Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Podcast I've Been Listening To

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For the past few months I've listened to less audio books cause I haven't been able to go the Library to pick them up. Also during the summer there's no new television to watch on PBS Online so I've been listening to a lot of podcasts. Here's a list of the podcast I've been listening to. You can search for them through Itunes and they're all free. If you don't like Sports or News then, yeah, this list would probably not interest you at all

1. BBC World Service World Football. This podcast comes out once a week and is about 27 minutes long. It's just random soccer related stories from around the world. There's a pretty good story on footballers from Kosovo, and how since their country isn't formally recognized they have to either play for Albania or Switzerland.

2. Official Barclays Premier League Podcast. The BBC doesn't have a podcast just for the Premier League cause the Premier League puts out their own podcast. It comes out every Monday and is about an hour long. It's pretty rad and you can follow along to the season really easily. They have things archived back to 2010.

3. ScotFoot: Sportsound. This is a 40 minute podcast that comes out every day. They only talk about the Scottish Premier League, the lower divisions of Scottish soccer, and the Scottish National Team. It's kind of like being in an old man's bar in Edinburgh. I like to put it on when I'm taking a nap.

4. NFL Podcast with Peter King. Oh, why don't I have more sports podcast that are American? Cause I read the news online. He's like someone's dad talking about football. Someone's East Coast dad. Only he's more informed. He really loves Brady, and Manning which is alright. He's less-bias than ESPN, and he's better than the NFL. Which basically means, if I'm going to listen to someone talk about a sport that I already know everything about it would be Peter King.

Newspaper and Lightning News!
1. BBC Global News Comes out everyday, twice a day is about 30 minutes long. I don't know how I started listening to BBC news. I think the US news was kind of a downer so it's nice listening to other people's problems. They have a pretty weird problem with racism in Europe.

2. BBC News Pod. This is mostly domestic UK news. It comes out twice a day and is about 30 minuts long, but doesn't come out on the weekend.

3. NPR News. This is 5 minutes long and comes out every hour. I could just turn on the radio, but then I'd would have to listen to all the other stuff I don't want to listen to.

4. BBC World Business Report: Wall Street Update. The Wall Street Update is pretty much US Business news. It's everyday and it runs from around 2-10 minutes long.

I finished listening to The History of the World in 100 Objects, and I always listen to This American Life.

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