Monday, October 1, 2012

September/Upcoming Stuff

Giant Robot "Biennale 3"
(photo courtesy of Hustler of Culture).

Marci and I installed this for the Giant Robot show in LA. 362 5"x5" paintings. It took about 11 hours or so. We were there for 13 hours, and we had lunch and dinner nearby. Uh, the last show it took 6 people 10 hours to install. This was just me and Marci. It went along alright.

We did the blue tape at 60" for the mid-line. People have told me to get a laser level, but I've used them before, and the problem with them is that not all walls are smooth, and the wall at this show in LA went in and out. So the blue line was the best way to go about it. We went to the hardware store beforehand and I bought a pretty fancy long level. I got the pretty wooden one which was a dumb idea, cause it got pretty heavy.

I had to arrange everything on tBrhe floor by color and image type, so each grouping would be as varied as possible.

This is a photo of Marci and I at the opening. We were only there briefly cause I think we were all feeling pretty tired. It was unseasonably muggy for our trip down. We hung out with Conor and Carla beforehand and went back to their place to just hang out and play Catan. The next day we went to various malls to avoid the heat.

It's been 7 days since I've painted last. My hand is recovering from drawing and painting for like 6 months straight. I'm using one of Marci's foam handles on my x-acto knife so I can trim my zine with less pain. It's a little weird to get used to.

I have to reprint two of my old zines and hopefully I'll have enough time to work on a new zine. I'm working a table at APE (Alternative Press Expo) in San Francisco with friends. It's for a weekend in mid-October.

APE is pretty rad. You can bring your own beer there, which makes things pretty interesting. I actually like running a table with friends, but mostly cause I like getting lunch, and eating dinner afterwards. I'm talking it over with my friends to see if we're going to do the CCA Crafts Fair or the East Bay Zine Fest. Uh, we don't really make that much money at these things, cause we're just selling zines and stuff. The last East Bay Zine Fest I think I made like $70, and then afterwards we went out and got beer and pizza. At the SF Zine Fest I made like $100 a day. But APE is pretty amazing, cause it's huge and I remember doing pretty well when I used to do it when I was like 24. But back then I also did prints, which I don't really like doing so much these days.

Here are some the last week before I went and installed in LA. I had to make like 63 paintings in 4 days which totally killed me.

Uh, I'm on Tumblr. This funny little painting got me on the Tumblr Radar. If you don't have Tumblr you can ask any 15 year old what that is and they can explain it to you. Uh, as 33 year old who just doesn't understand the internet, Tumblr, is kind of weird, but it's one of those things you do when you're a painter.

But yeah. Tumblr's rad. I think I hang out on it more than I do Facebook. But mostly cause I just like looking at pictures and gifs without words or directly interacting with people. They do have a very simple messaging system, but most of the messages I get are from teenagers asking how I get my images to look so much like a painting. It also strange that no one notices that there's cat hair on like half my scans.

Whenever I get on the Tumblr radar I also get all these messages from people asking what or who I am. And then I remember, that Deth is a really weird name.

I really love this Cobalt Teal. It is $15 for 2 oz.

Dracula 1897
I think this was my favorite from the last batch. Dracula was the first fiction book as an adult that I read.

Burger Times
Burger Times. I this was a name of a video game from the 80s.

Dark Castle
Also a game from the 80s. One of Marci's favorite band is a doom metal band called Dark Castle. I kind of want to make this shirt for Marci just using black acrylic and have Marci go to one of their shows wearing it.

Cat with Picture Frames
This had more frames drawn in but I just painted over them black cause I rand out of time.

Blue Space Door

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