Monday, September 10, 2012

Change of Plans and Installing

My show at Hatch Gallery opened last Friday in Oakland. Originally it was suppose to be a dual show between me and my friend, Manny Silva, but Manny sent an e-mail to everyone about two weeks before the opening saying he couldn't do it, so I had to fill up the space by myself. It didn't really surprise me that much cause Manny's sort of a flake, but I also really don't like doing solo shows and the gallery is a pretty huge space to fill up. Because Manny is a known flake, I did have a back up plan, which was to frame some drawings, including the 30 or so drawings I had for my Alphabet zine and to line them up along the back side of the gallery.

Marci and Michael had to cut foam core and frame my stuff cause I didn't have time to. It took about 3 days of work between the two of them. We got 8.5"x11" frames from Ikea at like $5 each. They took out the original backings, and replaced them with archival backing and floated it with archival foam core cause it rests on the drawings. Marci had to cut about one-hundred and thirty 3/4" strips of foam core with an x-acto knife and they had to glue it all into the frames.

Frames in a box.

A close up of what one looks like up on a wall.

The back walls with the the Alphabet drawings.

The extra drawings went to another wall. The blue tape isn't part of the installation by the way. That the mid-line for the show (which is 60" if you're wondering).

IMG_4132 My friend, Derek, who with Marci has helped me install most of my shows decided to mark the entire gallery with a midline using blue masking tape. We tried not marking up the walls much and putting all our measurement marks on the tape instead.

196 pieces of art in one small pile. I think it's like 33 8.5"x11" drawings, 124 5"x5" paintings, 36 8"x10" paintings, and 4 random sized paintings, with the largest being 16"x20". I wasn't planning on having that much work, cause I was suppose to share it with Manny. I was just going to have about 115 pieces and most of them being the very small 5"x5" pieces.

I made larger versions of 5"x5" pieces I'm sending to a show in LA later this month. Here's the 10"x10" version with his little friend. I don't know. I wasn't expecting to make as many 8x10, and then I had to fill up a space that included a 55 ft wall. I'm putting this 5"x5" into the show at the Japanese American National Museum if you're wondering. That opens on the 22nd in LA.

36 8"x10" Panels.

5"x5" on the floor.

Derek Wood & Derek McCall working on the double diamond.

Marci and David figuring out another wall. There was a lot of math. All day, all math.

Double Diamond.

IMG_4140 Triangles and Diamond Formations.

IMG_4151 It took 6 people about 8 hours to get everything up. Thanks to Derek Wood, Marci, Derek McCall, Michael Salmon, and David Pene for helping me out. Derek McCall and David came after work which I really appreciate a lot.


Photo courtesy of Joe Stillwater.

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