Tuesday, July 3, 2012

I See it All Beer Koozies

I got beer koozies printed. Uh, if you're wondering, uh, they're not really a popular item to sell. I make my money back plus like $200. For the most part I just make them cause my friends like them a lot, and I like seeing them being used at parties.

This was sort of a reprint of my first beer koozie from like 2008. The one I used with my Economic Stimulus Check. Remember when the US Goverment gave taxpayers like $300 to do something with, but most people just got beer or payed their overdue bills? Well, I made beer koozies with my money. I turned $200 into $400.

Uh, this time around the designs a little different cause I couldn't find my old image file, so I ended up redrawing the surfer cat and redoing the text. Back then I was really into Heavy Metal type faces. Also light pink isn't so awesome for keeping up. I don't know if bright fucking yellow is a fucking step up but yeah. I was hoping the color situation would come off alright but yeah. Also this time I got a printer that prints the same image on the back.

This one came in time for the 4th of July. Which I might go out and see some friends, but yeah. I have a lot of work right now. 

I ordered another beer koozie to be made, and it's of an Oakland cat. I'm hoping the gallery I'm show with in September will let me sell it there. It' just black on blue, and looking at the colors here, makes me wish I used the colors of the Oakland A's (yellow and forest green*).

I'll have this available in my store pretty soon. It'll be $3. When I get my other koozie, I'll make a discount purchase for all 3 designs. Yeah.

*California Gold, Forest Green

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