Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Right Now, I'm painting for two shows. One opens the last week of August and the First Friday of September in Oakland, and the other opens the 20-something of September in LA. It's a lot of work. The one in Oakland is a dual show with my friend and former roommate, Manny Silva. He's illustrated for likes of Old Navy, Belle and Sebastian, 826 Valencia, and The San Francisco Giants Magazine. He's uh, also kind of a flake. So I'm really worried I'm going to have to fill the space all by myself. The other space is at the Japanese American National Museum. I'm just doing a large installation of the 5"x5", like what I did in Houston.


Yeah, like that. But a little bit taller, maybe 9 or 11 up instead of just 7. I'm hoping to have about 400, and right now I have 200. Yeah, I'm totally fucking fucked. It just means right now I'm at home, 16 hours a day painting in a studio, by myself, watching true crimes on Netflix and listening to audio books about the Depression.

For the Oakland one, I'm just doing about  98 of the 5"x5" like in Houston, with a few large pieces, and a bunch of 8"x10" paintings. I'm not going to arrange them by rows but in a triangle formation. I drew it down in a napkin but I think I picked up cat vomit with said napkin but uh, it's somewhere in the depths of my memory, and uh, hopefully I'll remember it sometime soon. I have 76 of them done. Uh, I have some 8x10 leftover from Houston, and I'm pretty much am going to start on them when August 1 comes around. Then I'll have 21 days to make a bunch of 8x10 and some other larger panels.

Here's me telling you about some random paintings I like.
Owl Maths
In the UK they pluralize Math with an "s",

Birdman of Alcatraz. This was from a sketch I did for the San Francisco Arts Commission.

I made these Alphabet paintings but I don't know what to do with them. The best thing I could come up with was "Fuck Yeah" cause I don't have extra letters. I was a little worried about having a cuss word in a show at a museum, but then I remember this was the same museum where someone else spray painted vaginas and butt holes. If Japanese grandmas are chill with assholes then they'll be okay with a cuss painting.


Hooded Figure in Moon
Batman! Only not.

Black Magic Bros
Black Magic Bros. Drew out another panel that says Ghost Bro Island.

Someday soon I'll put these up for sale. My friend had them stamped and stitched them herself. They're not so uniform, cause they come in various colors and have different clasps so I'm going to have to take several photos. The price range is $20, $25, and $30 and there were only 66 made.

I made a small batch of stickers. The design was for a tote bag, but I'm holding of on that for now. I don't really sell many totes to be honest.


Tuesday, July 3, 2012

I See it All Beer Koozies

I got beer koozies printed. Uh, if you're wondering, uh, they're not really a popular item to sell. I make my money back plus like $200. For the most part I just make them cause my friends like them a lot, and I like seeing them being used at parties.

This was sort of a reprint of my first beer koozie from like 2008. The one I used with my Economic Stimulus Check. Remember when the US Goverment gave taxpayers like $300 to do something with, but most people just got beer or payed their overdue bills? Well, I made beer koozies with my money. I turned $200 into $400.

Uh, this time around the designs a little different cause I couldn't find my old image file, so I ended up redrawing the surfer cat and redoing the text. Back then I was really into Heavy Metal type faces. Also light pink isn't so awesome for keeping up. I don't know if bright fucking yellow is a fucking step up but yeah. I was hoping the color situation would come off alright but yeah. Also this time I got a printer that prints the same image on the back.

This one came in time for the 4th of July. Which I might go out and see some friends, but yeah. I have a lot of work right now. 

I ordered another beer koozie to be made, and it's of an Oakland cat. I'm hoping the gallery I'm show with in September will let me sell it there. It' just black on blue, and looking at the colors here, makes me wish I used the colors of the Oakland A's (yellow and forest green*).

I'll have this available in my store pretty soon. It'll be $3. When I get my other koozie, I'll make a discount purchase for all 3 designs. Yeah.

*California Gold, Forest Green