Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Monday, June 11, 2012

Photos from April to June

I've been working on this post for a while, but then I'd get distracted. And then two weeks later I'd work on this again. and then get distracted again. So these are photos from late April to early June.

Marci had to go to Las Vegas to pick up a truck to borrow from her dad. She got this photo taken with "Spock and a Wizard".

I went to the Charles M. Schulz Museum in Santa Rosa for my birthday. Uh, it's no Knott's Berry Farm, but they have his actually studio there.

My friend Evah got me into Draw Something, which is an mobile game. It's pretty much a very simple pictionary game. I mostly draw retarded like this. Or not at all.

Evah drew this. Her drawings are a little more entertaining. I got a stylus from some random drunk person at a show in Oakland, and it's way more easier drawing with that.

Dan Kitchens did this one. I think he has an Ipad.

Truck Balls are insane.

Went to my 3rd Bachelor's Party in 2 years. This one I didn't end up bowling or playing Uno in a Port Costas Hotel, but the morning after breakfast did involve the Fisherman's Wharf In & Out.

San Francisco Botanical Garden
Our friend, Shea was in town so we took her to some new and old spots. This is at the San Francisco Botanical Gardens, which is one of my favorite places in the City. Too bad it costs money to get in for non-City residents.

The Eclipse happened.

Legion of Honour
The view near the Legion of Honour. It took me 15 years of living in the Bay Area to visit this museum, and this was the second trip there in 6 months. The only thing I know about the place is that they uprooted a graveyard to put this thing in. Including a casket, where the body inside was holding a box with his heart in it.

We drove south to Pescadero and Butano State Park with Brendan and Evah to look at some proper Sequoias.

Seam Foam.

Wood Huts

A very special pie, made with a berry you can only get in Pescadero.

Tilden Botanical Garden
Our friends, Tommy and Alanna were in town for a wedding and we got to hang out with them for a day. We went to the Tilden Botanical Garden which was pretty amazing. I made everyone walk up the Berkeley hills through the paths, and pass the Berkeley Rose Garden.

We spotted baby foxes. Or are they baby coyotes?

Took the trail pass Lake Anza.

The next day w went to Adam and Dawn's amazing wedding at the Oakland Rose Garden.

From time to time people send me images of tattoos they get of my work. This one pretty much takes the cake. It wasn't sent from the dude, so I hope it's okay to post it on here.

After a long time off I'm back in the Studio. I've been listening to audio books and watching true crime shows on Netflix, cause you don't really need to look up at them. This is an audio book of the House with a Clock in it's Wall by John Bellairs.

Back to painting for shows in LA, Oakland, and Brooklyn. Pretty excited about the Oakland. I don't get asked into too many shows in Oakland these days. Probably cause uh, I don't go out to any openings, or visit any warehouses. The last show I was in was at Jack London Square and I think Marci was out of town so I didn't feel like going. The last solo show was January 2009, and Marci was also out of town for that, but I yeah, I went to that one.
Marci got commissioned to paint Hector Sanchez for the San Francisco Giants Magazine. A pretty rad painting.

teppei ando Corpus Delicti: The tale of Joe Ball, Alligator Man of South Texas

Corpus Delicti: The tale of Joe Ball, Alligator Man of South Texas from teppei ando on Vimeo.

Our good friend, Teppei did this 20 minute animation a while ago. His stuff is pretty rad, but we probably like it especially cause all our other friends go in a do the voices for him.


San Francisco SPCA from Jullien Brothers on Vimeo.

I thought this was a nice video.