Tuesday, May 8, 2012


I probably should update more often, but it's been a busy few weeks, and then blogger changed the way they set up everything. So here's a few posts of what's been going on:

I went to Houston for a show at Domy Books. My friend, Derek flew out from LA and helped me install cause Marci had to stay home and give medicine to one of our cats.

Since I was with Derek who used to help me install all my first art shows, I decided to go with this diamond formation I've been thinking about using with my small 5"x5"s. They turn out alright, and uh, made me wish I had tried this out sooner. There's a lot of pencil marks on that wall.

Maybe next time I'll try to be more creative with installing my other stuff.

But yeah. Houston was rad. I wish I took more photos of stuff, but yeah.

Good BBQ
BBQ Brisket.

Good Taqueria
Derek ate twice this afternoon cause he wanted to know what the tacos were like. They're good. They really like meat in this place, cause the rice came with shredded chicken. I got a small soft serve of Mexican chocolate there.

I was only in Houston for about two days so I can't really say much about the city. I can say that everyone we met was super nice to us, that I really like the bars there, and I really like drinking from bottle Shiner's Blonde, but mostly cause I like it's design. Oh, and that before you get there someone should tell you that you need a can of bug spray.


emma said...

love the diamond formation! those paintings going to be available to buy online at any point (if they didn't all get snapped up at the gallery!) :)

Deth P. Sun said...

Well, I probably should have updated my blog sooner, cause they show already came down. They still have my paintings, and there are leftovers, but you have to email them directly.
images of work with prices:
sorry about that.