Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I Drew Everything I Ate while on Vacation in the UK

My girlfriend Marci got invited to do a show in Leeds, so we decided to make a month long trip out of it. I decided to draw out everything I ate to possibly put in a future travel zine.

Food Journal001

Our first stop was Leeds. We didn't know anyone and it wasn't much of a place for travelers. We found a pretty awesome place called Box Pizza, which actually made a pretty rad Vegetarian pizza.

My favorite thing on the trip were the large juice boxes that were totally okay for adults to be walking down the street drinking.

Funny things:

-They call eggplants, aubergine. Daikon is called Mooli.
-There are no turkey sandwiches. Only Chicken. Sometimes with Chorizo(?).
-British Bacon is better than American Bacon.
-If you order lemonade in a bar it's just lemon syrup with carbonated water. American Lemonade is referred to as "Cloudy" Lemonade.
-Uh, milkshakes aren't really milkshakes. They're more like blended milk with flavoring and some ice cream.
-My favorite chips (crisps) were Walker Ready Salted. I wondered why it was called "Ready Salted", but then I got different pack of crisps where it came with a little salt packet. Unsalted potato chips are hella weird.
-Also most things that they have that we have in the US are made in the UK, so everything is slightly different. They don't use high fructose corn syrup, so all their Coke is like Mexican or Passover Coke. Same thing with their condiments. In the states if you didn't want corn syrup or artificial flavoring in your ketchup they'd just charge you a dollar more and call it "organic". I don't know. It was interesting to me.

Food Journal002

From Leeds we went to Haworth which is where the Bronte Sisters are from. I still tried to limit my meat consumption but then I ordered a Kipper Breakfast for my first meal of the day. I thought I was going to get a Full English Breakfast but with Kippers, but instead I got Kippers and Toast. And that was it.

In Edinburgh we got a burger at the Cambridge Bar. It's where I discovered that Scotch in Scotland is just called whiskey and that it's pretty cheap when you get it in Scotland. Also that our waiter's favorite beers were Corona and Modelo.

We went to Wagamama which is a chain. In Japanese the word means "selfish". Earlier that day I had Veggie chili with nachos. Uh, both those meals made me miss home. But only while I was eating my meal.

We had a kitchen at the place where we were staying at so we went grocery shopping. This is the part where we get our minds blown 'cause they store their eggs out in the open next to cereal, which actually makes a lot of sense. Also when you boil them the shells come off without any effort.

The last place in Edinburgh we ate at was The Mermaid, which we heard about through Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations. It was a Fish and Chips shop. Uh, They're known for their king rib which is just various pork meat pushed together to look like a rack of ribs and then deep fried. Also everything has "Chinese Flavoring" on it, which is basically MSG.

In Glasgow probably the best meal of the trip was one I didn't have and so I didn't get to draw. Marci went to Cafe Gandolfi, which made really good traditional style Scottish food. I just wanted to stay at the hotel and draw. Asia Style in Glasgow makes a pretty rad Malaysian style friend rice, and Mono is a good destination to stop off in if you want to eat, drink and look at records.

Food Journal003

From Glasgow we went to Oban where we got a pretty amazing meal of Smoke Haddock and a Poached Egg on Mash. We went to the Oban distillery where we picked up a bottle of Cao Ila and an 18 yr old Oban. The Oban was ef'in amazing.

In Bristol we stayed with friends where for the first time we had Thali, Cottage Pie, and a Sunday Roast. Not all in the same day.

We took a day trip into Wells, where we had our first pasty, which are pretty much Empanadas, but with more boring stuff in them. Uh, they were a little too heavy and I never got into them but Marci did.

Food Journal004

In Cornwall we rented a seaside house with friends. We made chicken for Thanksgiving, and learned how to make Risotto. We mostly just stayed in and cooked, but would walk the mile to the main road to eat at the Falmouth Packet Inn. They had the best Fish and Chips on the trip. And we did take day trips out to see St. Ives, Marazion, Praa Sand, and Penzance.


elaine axten said...

i really enjoyed your whole trip.

i wanted to tell you about the muscovy duck - the one you said looked weird. IT'S AMERICAN!

god knows how it got all the way here. we have canada geese, too.

Deth P. Sun said...

Thanks for reading and stuff.
That's weird that duck is American. But we're from California. The east coast of the US is closer to the UK than it is to us.

elaine axten said...

they must have made quite the effort to get here.

i used to visit ely a lot, and there are a ton of them there, wandering about. they do something to the eggs so they won't hatch, because they're seen as a nuisance, but i think they are being short sighted because i hear they are good eating.