Sunday, November 13, 2011

Glasgow, Scotland

We made our way into Glasgow on Wednesday the 9th. We checked into our hotel and yeah, they had no wifi. Well, they did, but they wouldn't give us the password. We were staying at the guest house of a Baptist Church, where there were only 8 rooms, and only 2 occupied while we were there. We had to use their funny British laptop. The hotel also didn't have a map so we had to rip one out of our guide book.

For the most part our trip to Glasgow was really disorganized. We didn't actually plan anything out until we got to each town, and it worked so far, but yeah. Glasgow was a little different. Also there weren't any places with free wifi, anywhere. No Cafes and yeah. It actually was the first time I got home sick cause there wasn't a real internet connection. It's actually pretty comforting looking at a Facebook feed of all your friends back home. I was up at 3 in the morning cause of jet lag during Halloween and it was nice seeing what everyone was up to.

So yeah. I did know about this place, which is the Glasgow Botanic Gardens. I chose to go to this one rather than the one in Edinburgh cause I read this one had a better glasshouse. Also I saw an old postcard of this so I really wanted to go see it.

We ate our sandwiches outside before we realized we could have eaten them in the glass house, out of the rain. I picked up this Bundaberg Root Beer cause I had never seen it before. Bundaberg is one of my favorite ginger beers and I think it's the first root beer I saw on this trip. Uh, Bundaberg should stick to ginger beers.


Marci liked this one a lot.

I took a bunch of photos but mostly for references. They had a killer plant section and a Southwest section that kind of made me miss home. There were a bunch of weeds we'd kill at home, but there was also a lot of amazing stuff from South America and Africa.



On our walk to another museum.

This is the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum. This is the craziest museum ever- almost as strange as The Museum of Jurassic Technology. It's as if they just took a bunch of stuff and shoved it into a museum.

Here's a room full of animals with a Spitfire zooming in. From upstairs you can see the Spitfire, some birds, some paintings and a sculpture. Just saying, it was a little strange.

Here's an alternate mask from the movie Willow (?!), next to a human skull.

The UK has a lot of medieval weapons. Marci was really into them.

The next day we met up with Marceline who was super kind to show us around a little. She made Glasgow seem way more inviting.

Here's a view of the city.

Glasgow has a mini-subway that goes around in a circle. There's two lines, an inner and outer circle.

The mini subway comes with a mini-train.

Bagpipe school.

We went to this used book store where we found this amazing 5 volume picture encyclopedia for just £5.

We had to give up on keeping it after figuring out it would cost about $140 just to ship it home.


No Bits/ Juicy Bits.

Sexy Restaurant.

Family friendly sexy restaurant.

It's a restaurant named after one of my favorite bands when I was really young. They even used their logo.



On our last full day in Glasgow I decided to stay in the hotel to draw a little before we went to see a movie in the evening. After breakfast I walked Marci to the Glasgow Cathedral. It's the only medieval cathedral on the Scottish mainland to have survived the Reformation not unroofed. This means it's really old and kind of smells like it.

The Necropolis is right next to it.


Marci took herself out to Cafe Gandolfi, which our friend Myleen recommended. It's like traditional Scottish food done really well.

Lunch for one. Marci eats a lot.

White pudding with apple, crispy onions, and Cumberland sauce.

Arbroath smokies baked with tomatoes and cream.

Later that night we went out to see Wuthering Heights at the Glasgow Film Theatre. It's the first Wuthering Heights film that shows what the Moors are really like that I've seen.

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