Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Edinburgh, Scotland

After Haworth, our next destination was Edinburgh. We took a cab ride to Keighley and got on a Northern Rail train. There was one automated machine available and it was busted so Marci had to go and talk to the dude at the ticket office who had no idea what Marci was say and Marci had no idea what he was saying but they got it all figured out in the end.


On the train Marci worked on a quilt while I listened to one of my audio books. I was tempted to pick up a magazine on Darts!, but instead I listened to "Citizens of London" by Lynne Olson.

This is our view from the train.

Our stopover was in Carlise. We hung out in a waiting room with placards of historical events that happened at the station.

We got off the train and it was already getting dark (sundown's at 4:15 or so), so we made our way to our hotel and then went to the Cambridge Bar which our friend says serves the best burgers. I got a whiskey from Oban (cause we'll eventually be there) and Marci got a beer called the Hibernator. Our waiter was pretty excited we were Americans cause he had just recently visited LA. He favorite beers were Carona and Modela, and he enjoyed In-N-Out. I kind of regretted not telling him about asking for "animal style", but yeah. It was rad. Also Scotch here is just whiskey, and it's hella cheap.

The place we're staying at has a communal kitchen and so we went to a grocery store and got some stuff for breakfast. Strangest thing: Eggs aren't refrigerated in the stores here. Which totally makes sense, but then we got back in and put them in a refrigerator.

After a huge debate we settled on Alpen cereal over another cause it had slightly more fiber than the other. It's pretty amazing and we're now contemplating sending boxes home. My favorite nut is hazelnut and it's like in everything here, which is the opposite of home. Cause it isn't in anything.

Also, Myleen, you were right. Walkers are pretty awesome.

Edinburgh is pretty amazing.

Our first stop was the National Museum of Scotland. This is a replica of Mary I of Scotland's tomb.

The real Edinburgh Castle. We ended up here a little later in the day. Edinburgh is way more walkable than Leeds.

Another view from the terrance of the National Museum of Scotland.

On Level -1 of the National Museum of Scotland. We actually took a lot of photos from this museum cause it was huge.

We made our way to the Elephant House which is where J.K. Rowling wrote the early Harry Potter books. They said she her inspiration for Hogwarts came from the places view of Edinburgh Castle. But yeah, there isn't a place in Edinburgh where you can't see the castle. I got a veggie chili and they put it over really bland nacho chips.

Greyfriars Cemetery is where a lot of famous Scots are buried. A lot of famouse Scots we don't know about. But the places is pretty rad.



No idea what this place is.

And we vaguely know this is some sort of memorial.

The next day we decided to take as many closes (alleys) as we could. They actually take you into small squares and plazas within the blocks. Edinburgh is a little confusing to get around cause so many streets don't actually intersect, they just go over each other.

Tron Square.

I know it's a small photo, but here you can see another street on top.

We walked up to Calton Hill to see the view.

There's an unfinished monument that was for Scotish soldiers lost during the Napoleonic Wars. It was modeled after the Parthenon in Athens. According to Wikipedia it's referred to as "Scotland's Disgrace" because it was never completed but it was actually one of the best finds of the trip so far.

Another highlight was trying the Haddock & Chips at The Mermaid, which was just a mile up the road from where we were staying. We also split a King Rib, which is just pork meat sculpted in the shape of a mini-rack or ribs then deep fried. It was pretty good but it was a little too much and we didn't eat it all. We tried Irn Bru again, and it was still a no go.

I'm trying to cut down on meat, but then we had to visit the UK so there's no way around it. I've been trying to just eat fish, but yeah.

Next stop: Glasgow.

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