Saturday, October 1, 2011

These paintings are going to Flatcolor in Seattle.

I made 9 5"x5" paintings for a show in Seattle at Flatcolor. The show is called Nature of the Beast, and the theme is suppose to be like dark arts or something.

The first 8 were pretty easy, and the last one which is the one in the upper right hand corner was kind of the hardest to finish. I started on 3 other panels, and finished two of them but they didn't fit with the others so well. I also drew out two other paintings that were 8"x10" each, but I'm kind of pressed for time with other stuff so I couldn't finish them.


Out of the 21 other people in this show I only know two people, one of them being Chris Sheridan, who I used to work with like 8 years ago. He's a rad dude, who makes rad art.


Junkyard Sam said...

Looks great! I missed the opening for your GR2 show due to no babysitting, but I was able to see it later. Awesome stuff - I love the new matte finish you have (if my memory is right it used to be glossy a couple o' years ago.)

We ended up dragging our kids, and they went piece to piece talking about ghosts and cats and boats and all kinds of chaos - it really got their imaginations going.

Huge body of work, too. Awesome.

Deth P. Sun said...

Oh, sweet. It's awesome you could make it out for that, and I'm glad you like my work in person.

Uh, you can always bring kids to openings you know.