Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Drawings for Domy Books

This is the third year in a row I've been asked to contribute work to Domy Books' Annual Monster Show. It's one of the few themed shows I actually like making work for, cause A) they ask for only work on paper and B) it isn't the most rigid theme to stick to. The first part is pretty awesome, cause, well, it only cost about $3 to ship drawings to Texas, and I also don't get to make drawings all that often. At least not as finished artwork. Just for zines and illustrations.

Skeleton in Jungle
The first drawing is a remake of a painting I just finished for that group show at Flat Color. I fixed the proportions to the guard on the sword. When I'm done with everything I'm probably going to try and make my way over to a botanical garden cause right now I only have like 10 different types of plants that I know how to draw. There's one really close in Berkeley, and another in Golden Gate Park my friend takes watercolor classes in that she says is pretty rad.

Most of the plants I referenced comes from The Besler Florilegium, which is a book Marci used to reference a lot when she painted plants like 7 years ago. It helps, but I had to make up some stuff cause the depictions are painted not drawn.

Drummer in Jungle
The second is a remake of the drummer cat. I was drawing this out at a cafe when my friend, Teppei was like, "Hey, didn't you already make something like this drawing?", and I was like "...".

Cause yeah, How many ideas can a person have? Not many if that person is me.

I don't know how I feel about this drawing. I kind of wish I had put something in front of his first foot cause he doesn't look like he sinks in to much. But yeah. Can't fix that now.

Screen shot 2011-10-11 at 10.59.54 PM
My favorite part of drawing is randomly adding little things like crushed beer cans and lost lighters. With painting I sort of have to plan everything out in advance. The beer can logo I referenced is Löwenbräu, which is pretty decent, but I can't drink it any more (cause of a wheat allergy). They also make Beck's, which I never liked.

These two drawings took 4 days to finish. A day to pencil and a day to ink. I don't know how using a pen fucks up my hand after 4 hours but painting with a brush for 10 hours doesn't. I'm kind of impatient so in my younger days I would just ink something in till it was done, but now I don't, cause I don't like walking around with a crippled claw. Sometimes I'd would just draw until I was forced to use my left hand to use a spoon to eat.

True Story: When I was a teenager I had a sketchbook for just my left hand in case I lost my right hand in some horrible accident. At the time it seemed like a good idea. I think I saw a That's Incredible episode of some dude drawing with his feet after his arms got amputated.

While working on these I watched a few episodes of Dr Who, a few PBS documentaries, and the new Ken Burn's documentary on Prohibition.

Last night I watched a pretty good PBS documentary on the War of 1812. I've seen a few documentaries on that war and I think this particular one is the most insightful cause they give perspectives from the view point of the British, Canadians and Natives as well just American historians. You can watch that here.

Oh, the Monster show is in two cities, and one each of my drawings is going to Austin and Houston. They open on the same night which is the 29th of October. The list of artists in it is mega big.


Junkyard Sam said...

Quote of the day:
"Cause yeah, How many ideas can a person have? Not many if that person is me."

Also, the "crippled claw" bit - lol. I identify with that, even with a WACOM!

The left hand sketchbook reminds me of how when I was growing up I would only work in pencil. I figured I'd never make any money as an artist and I could at least draw with free lottery pencils that way! Luckily videogames need art. I had to learn COLOR though!

I always like your blog entries. They're insightful and a little random, which is cool.

Deth P. Sun said...

well, thanks for reading and stuff.

I stopped drawing with pencils in my sketchbook because the pages would run up on each other. and then i switched to just drawing with pens cause I was also too lazy to redraw over lines.