Thursday, September 22, 2011

Linoleum Printing

5x7 Linoleum Block
For some strange reason I woke up on Monday and decided I was going to make a linoleum print. Never mind that I still have a deadline to complete in like 7 days.

I didn't think it was going to take that long to carve a 5"x7" block, but it took me from Monday evening to Wednesday afternoon. I had to youtube videos cause I haven't carved into linoleum since I was like 20, when I took a class on bookmaking in college. By the way, if you ever want to take a class involving a lot of angry women talking about their feelings, you should take either bookmaking or paper making.

I never really liked linoleum or wood cutting, cause it was kind of tedious, and i have a tendency of cutting myself with sharp objects. Which is why this took me three days to carve, cause I went to sleep instead of just working until I was done. Actually I could have finished it earlier but on Tuesday my mind was engrossed while watching a Michael Palin 19th century romance drama and then I spent the rest of evening looking up articles on how much people walk a day.

The thing I never got as 20 year old was that a linoleum print should look like a linoleum print. I just remember not getting over the fact that my lines couldn't be as thin as I would like them to be, and all the weird stuff you can't control. It's way easier just letting things go.

I was going to carve up a couple of knives but decided to do this image instead cause yeah, uh, I also might just carve up one block.

When I finished carving my block, I then had to go out and walk the mile and a half to Dick Blick to buy the supplies to print it. I probably should have bought those supplies the first time I was at the art store on Monday, but yeah. There's always the possibility that I don't finish carving anything.

To buy all this stuff was like $35, including the block, the tools, the weird Japanese burnishing pad, the ink and the brayer. I just used random paper I had around. i printed on the block instead of the sheet of linoleum, mostly cause I think things look cooler on it.

Yep. Pretty anti-climatic.


Mat Pringle said...

Ha - I had a similar experience 'going back to lino' (as it's known in the trade) and quickly remembered why I'd ditched it. I certainly didn't get any prints anywhere near as nice as yours. Good work!

bethany ng said...

i almost like the look of the block better than the print itself. good work though, i have always been a fan of block printing. it's fun.

Anonymous said...

I love your work, enough to say that If I ever get a tattoo...

Deth P. Sun said...

Mat - My lines are still pretty janky.
bethany - yeah, i think i like the block more than the print, too.

Anna M. said...

Hey! I took a class on bookmaking! We weren't angry but it was through a craft store so maybe that makes a difference. And I'm glad I taught myself how to make paper...ha! :)

I like the block too. But the print is cool. Sorry it didn't turn out the way you liked.

Took said...

really nice!

I love carving the blocks but I hate printing them.