Thursday, September 8, 2011

LA Trip/Other Stuff

Our Trip to LA was pretty awesome.

I didn't take very many pictures cause our camera finally died. It was a Canon Elph, which is pretty cheap, but it shoots pretty good photos. We only got it in May, so it was still under warranty, but yeah. Marci dropped it like a half a dozen times. It's hella dented. I think a lot on concrete, once on the car, and once on a pile of rocks. I bought a new one and told her she couldn't touch it, and then I went out and bought a case for it.

But yeah. Here are the last photos from that camera.

Marci installing my work.
Here's a photo of Marci being awesome and installing all of my work. And yeah, she really did install all my work. I was just a little too tired, and I didn't want to mess with Marci's system. She basically measured out the large wall, measured out the length of all the paintings, and then divided all the extra space so that between the paintings there would be equal spacing, which was 10 inches. Uh, if I was just installing stuff on my own, I wouldn't be so exact.

Christen and Ryan
That night we met up with Ryan and Christen at some bar in Little Tokyo.

Red Velvet Donut
The next day we met up with friends and ate at the Nickel Diner. We shared this, which is a red velvet donut. Pretty amazing. And super rich.

Toy District
We had to kill time and walked through the Toy District and into the Fashion District of Downtown LA. We tried conning Conor into buying a rug that was like $25, but he wasn't going for it.

New Sunglasses
Instead they got these shades.

This is the part where my camera dies, so the rest of the weekend entailed: one opening, pre-made sushi from Nijiya market, seeing Jonah's sludge metal band play in a bookstore, then meeting up with friends in a bar and having a late nighter at the House of Pies (which totally sucked/the food, not the company).

The next day we went with friends to San Pedro where we hung out on a beach that felt like we were on our way to Mordor. We climbed over jagged rocks, pass rotting dead seals where there was barely any sand and a lot of seaweed covered in flies. In order to get to the water you had to walk around walls of flies. Oh, and the water was ice cold. I hate the beach.

We went and got noodles, and later that evening we met up at Cosmos for karaoke. Later that night we went to TACOZONE. TACOZONE is so rad that the other taco trucks hired the Mexican Mafia to firebomb it. That's the rumor I made up. They actually got firebombed cause they didn't pay protection money.

And yeah. Our rental car was a Chevy Cruze. It sucked, but not as much as a Ford Focus. Oh, and our hotel was above a Subway, so it smelled like Subway bread. It also had a quarter operated safe in it.

When I got back I had to start working on the SF Zine Fest and kind of recover from having two solo shows in three months. When I have solo shows I kind of have to forget about everything else and just focus on finishing the show. So now I have all this stuff I have to get to work on, but most of it's like little things, mostly commissions and stuff for random group shows.

Photo from the SF Zine Fest (courtesy of Alex Chiu).

I started a Runkeeper account so I can keep track of how far I walk each day. When I return home from a walk I plot out where I've been. I used to think I walked a lot, but I only leave the house to pretty much just walk to the grocery store, the post office and the library, and that's all a mile and a half to do all of that. So leaving the house 4 days out of the week is like 6 miles. So for the past week I've been plotting out really long walks and taking the long way to get to things.

My favorite long walk is walking to the Post Office on Shattuck, then up Shattuck and into the hills, and then down Hopkins to Monterey Market, and then back home. It's about 3.4 miles. I found Live Oaks park, and that was pretty awesome. Berkeley's way more prettier than I already thought it was and there's a lot of pedestrian pathways to take through the hills.

Screen shot 2011-09-07 at 10.17.40 PM
My next long walk will take me to Lake Anza. Our house is only 3.1 miles from there.

Another thing since I've returned from LA is that I'm trying to eat less beef, pork and chicken. Instead I've been eating some sea food and going mostly vegetarian. My favorite find is these clam cakes you can get for $2.50 at Andronico's (they were on sale at the one near our house for $1.89). I ate one cold while walking down Telegraph and apparently that's not cool.

Marci's been pretty cool about it. I think mostly cause I'm taking long walks and have been bring back all the groceries. We made pasta with shrimp and it was pretty awesome, and Monterey Market is like mini-Berkeley bowl, which means it's produce is pretty amazing and super affordable.

If you're wondering why the change, uh, I don't know. I just felt like it.

Well, actually a little bit is because of the food journal (which by the way was my most popular zine at the Zine Fest). People were kind of appalled at how bad I ate, and the zine eliminates the first few weeks where most of what I ate was bread, water and cereal.

The walking part is mostly cause I'm at home all the time and I think I feel like I get shut in a lot. It's pretty rad plotting out new walking routes, which is what I used to do when I first moved to San Francisco and didn't know anyone.

Other things:
1. ENGLAND & SCOTLAND. We bought tickets for England and Scotland. I forget the itinerary, but Marci has a show at the Leeds College of Arts. That's in like Northern England, we'll be there, then to the Moors, then to Glasgow, and maybe Edinburgh, then to Bristol, and then to Corwall, where we'll be renting a house with friends for Thanksgiving.

Am I stoked? Uh, kind of. It's for like 4 weeks, I am looking forward to seeing old friends in Bristol and yeah. It's kind of a girl vacation, stuff like visiting houses of famous literary folks, and yeah. A swamp. Most of the trip we'll just be on our own, and yeah. The last time we were there the thing that stuck with me the most was how drunk everyone was. And the vomit. Pregnant ladies wearing minis and tube tops. Uh, really bad tattoos. But yeah. There were some good things. They had so much culture. They ate food with utensils.

I was talking to a friend about it and he said the Illusionist was set in Edinburgh, and he imagined it would be like that. I told him it'd probably be more like Trainspotting, which is also set in Edinburgh.

My ideal vacation would be somewhere where they don't speak English. Except for Asia. Or Texas in either 1979, or 1997.

Earlier in the year I got offered a show in Mexico City, but I read in Marci's eyes the words "Fuck, No", cause the last two times she went to Mexico she ended up in the hospital both times.

2. POV on PBS. POV is a program on PBS that highlights documentaries. Here's a list of some favorites from that series:
a. My Perestroika - Documentary on the last generation raised under Soviet rule in Russia.
b. Enemies of the People - A pretty good fil m on the Khmer Rouge and the killing fields. The dude interview some of the remorseful killers and the No. 2 dude in the the Khmer Rough. Just a little background, I'm Cambodian, but my mom's ethnically Chinese. The Number 2 dude under Pol Pot surname is Chea, which is my mom's maiden name. My parents don't really talk about stuff before 1976.
c. The World's Largest Shopping Mall - The worlds largest shopping mall is in China, and it's in the middle of no where and has like 12 shops opened. It's twice as large as the 2nd largest shopping mall in the world, The Mall of America.
d. Armadillo - Danish Soldiers in Afghanistan.
e. Wo Ai Ni (I Love You) Mommy - American adopting a Chinese girl of about 8 years old. In a few months you get to see her gradually become more and more American.

3. Walking around Berkeley I'm noticing a lot of folks who drive around in minivans taking fruit from people's yards with fruit pickers. Uh, it remind me of a part in a Richard Scarry book, where a bear hears rustling noises outside his window then turns on the light to discover his neighbors, the rabbits in his vegetable garden stealing all his cabbages. So yeah, the Chinese are like rabbits, they don't say anything and go through all your vegetables in the middle of the night.

4. Burning Man was last weekend, which is why it was pretty easy to navigate around the City for Zine Fest.

5. Reading: Attila by John Man. Finished this tonight. It was an okay read. I like the beginning then it got kind of boring, and yeah, but that's just an opinion. Next up is Super Freakonomics. I found Cleopatra at the Library, so I might read that next.


Anonymous said...

Mexico City is actually really rad. You missed out.

Deth P. Sun said...

Probably, but I'd be there just by myself.