Tuesday, August 2, 2011

July Kind of Sucked

It's still summer and Marci has this song stuck in her head. She's been subbing at her old bar (where strangers touch her butt) and going to the water park and beach a lot.

I find it weird that in a song where they sing about bikinis continuously there isn't a single bikini in the music video. I also find it weird that this song is 19 years old, which is how old I was when I first heard it.

Uh, the past couple of weeks have been alright. I got into a slight accident and had to get stitches in my foot. It was also during my vacation and on the second day so that really sucked. Then the internet went out at the place I was staying at and I couldn't even work. I ended up hobbling around playing Golden Tee and vegging out on the sofa doped up on vicodin.

When I got back to Berkeley I had to finish up a proposal cause I'm some finalist for some thing (Sorry if that's super vague, but sadly, I'm kind of superstitious). I already had the meeting pushed back cause of our vacation, but I had to push it a little further back cause I still couldn't really walk around. Also the vicodin just sort of knocked me out.

But yeah. I think everything is still okay. I still have to draw out my final proposal, and I have about 8 days to turn that in. Uh, I also still have a solo show that I should be working on but, yeah. I haven't gotten to that, either.

Other things:
50 lb Salt Lamp
1. Marci's sister bought her this 50 lb salt lamp. Uh, it's suppose to release negative ions and stuff. I don't know what that means.

2. I was on vicodin for a week and I seem to have misplaced a lot of things, and the most important seems to be my Cal State ID. I found out when I had to go to a bunch of bars this past weekend for a friend's going away party/drinking tour, and I totally got denied at the last stop. I think I have to go out and get another one.

Uh, I was without a Cal State ID for about 3 years cause I just never went to bars, or bought alcohol. Well, I actually just used my Passport, so yeah, if I really wanted to drink I had that. Although I couldn't at major grocery stores cause they have to slide your card through a scanner.

3. My x-ray bill was $35. It felt like I had won the lottery when I opened up that letter.

4. Movies on Netflix Instant Watch I'll like to recommend: "Walk, Don't Run". It Cary Grant's last film role, and it's him in Japan during the 1966 Olympics. The other one is a Korean action/revenge flick called "The Man from Nowhere".

If you're looking for a television series, I suggest you watch the one hosted by Terry Jones (of Monty Python fame), there's a pretty awesome one of the Secret History of Sex, and another on Ancient Inventions.

5. New Gorey Books:
"Sisters of Sorcery" by Seon Manley and Gogo Lewis. Edward Gorey did the cover. This is a series from the 70s, and we have four of them so far.

"The Web and the Rock" by Thomas Wolfe. The cover was illustrated by Edward Gorey before he went on to work for Doubleday Anchor.

A few months ago I was showing someone around Berkeley and we went into Shakespeare Books and I was showing him how to find Gorey paperbacks and he pointed this out particular book out and said it look like a Gorey book, and I sort of blew him off, and was like "no".

But then I went home and looked it up and yeah. Uh, It's a very old Gorey cover. I don't know when it's from cause the latest date I found in it was 1938, and Gorey was still serving in the Army. But yeah, uh, good eye, Nigel.

It took three months but i finally went down to Telegraph and picked it up.

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