Sunday, July 10, 2011


Screen shot 2011-07-01 at 12.04.26 AM
I got an illustration job for a pancake festival in LA. I think they liked my food journal and that's why I got it. They'll be in the LA Weekly.

Drawing pancakes.

The extent of my research for this was looking up on Wikipedia for pancakes, and then google image searching what I found. Most of the restaurants were listed and there's a lot of food bloggers in LA. I didn't draw crepes, which I guess some people will say is a certain type of pancake. But yeah, to me a crepe is just a crepe. But maybe it's just cause I have always defined a pancake to just be flap jacks or hot cakes.

Okonomiyaki was also listed as part of the "pancake family". But then most people would describe it as like, uh, "Japanese Pizza", so uh, does that make pizza a pancake?*

In the end, who fucking cares?

The pancake my mom used to make is called Banh Chiao, which is made throughout Southeast Asia (the Vietnamese call it Bánh xèo). When I was a kid I always felt it was like eating a Cambodian taco, cause it's in a yellow shell, and there's ground beef, vegetables, and then some hot sauce. It was like a giant taco that wasn't crispy and instead of shredded cheese you got bean sprouts. Honestly, there's a reason why it hasn't caught on in the US, and it's cause it's no taco.