Friday, June 24, 2011

Reading Lately

The True Deceiver by Tove Jansson. She also does a few illustrations inside.

Cigars of the Pharaoh by Hergé. I tried out a few Tintin books. I don't know if I exactly like it, but the drawings in some of them are pretty amazing. My two favorites are Cigars of the Pharaoh, which was the first one I found and I think is the first one, and Flight 714, which was made a few decades afterward.

Cigar of the Pharaoh is pretty Indian Jones-esque, only 50 years ahead.

I would really like to like Tintin, but yeah. They're making a movie with a combination of like three stories. I think two or all of the stories are from the ones drawn & written during the Nazi occupation of Belgium, when Tintin changed from being a snooping reporter to an out of the way explorer.

Flight 714 to Sydney by Hergé. They actually never get to Sydney.

The volcano drawings are pretty awesome.

Other things.
I got a library card from the Berkeley Public Library.
It's pretty sweet. I've been checking out audio books, so I actually haven't left the lobby.

1. Freakonomics. It's pretty good. The Narrator is kind of dull and I kept falling asleep while drawing. They also made a film made up of smaller films directed by different people to process all the stuff. The one on the sumo wrestler is pretty awesome, and the stuff about the drop in crime in the 90s is also pretty sweet.

2. Howl's Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones. The book was published in 1986. In my MP3 player the genre is listed as "Juvenile Fantasy Romance". Fuck. It's way different than Miyazaki's film which I guess is why I find so many reviews (which are mostly written by middle age women from the midwest) of the book downing the animation. But yeah.

Howl's Moving Castle is Marci's favorite Miyazaki film. Most of my sci-fi friends are into Castle in the Sky or Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind. Some of my dumb friends are into Totoro or The Cat Returns. I like Porco Rosso, but no one else does, but only cause I think Seaplanes are pretty sweet. But, yeah if you're into Juvenile Fantasy Romance then Howl's Moving Castle is the choice for you.

3. Games of Thrones. Marci's been listening to this on audio book. It's really long and there are several books. The first one was a gigabyte and the second is 1 and a half.

4. Cleopatra: A Life. Marci's also reading this. She's really into Politics and Power.


Anna M. said...

I don't want to listen to the Game of Thrones yet because I want to watch the show first.

Have you tried Pillars of the Earth? The book is supposed to be amazing but the mini series was kind of a dud.

Deth P. Sun said...

Marci's grandmother let her borrow Pillars of the Earth. She has mixed feelings about it.

I'm not so into that sort of stuff. Mostly Historical stuff. I think Howl's Moving Castle, and the Tove Jansson books are my first non-fiction books since high school.

Nancy said...

I think I like all of those Miyazaki films... I like the fantasy ones, and I like the sci-fi ones, and I like the cutesy ones (even Kiki's Delivery Service was all right). A friend of mine says "Porco Rosso" is by far his favorite, but I think it's because he loves planes. Also, because Porco is such an interesting character. My favorite parts of that film are the scenes with the kidnapped school girls playing around.

Junkyard Sam said...

Ha! I had two good LOLs here:
#1 " sci-fi friends are into Castle in the Sky or Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind. Some of my dumb friends are into Totoro or The Cat Returns."

#2 "Marci's also reading this. She's really into Politics and Power."