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Northampton MA/Providence RI/Cape Cod, MA

So yeah. I haven't been able to get to this blog cause I was busy with a show and then we went away for our trip east. I agreed to do a show in Northampton, MA, a little cause I wanted to show somewhere not in NY, LA, SF for once, but mostly cause the space that contacted me Foe were so nice.

Above is the last painting I did for the show. Up until a month before the show I was trying really hard to finish as much as I could, cause I thought I had two shows in June. But then I discovered that one of my shows was mis-scheduled, so it's in late August instead of June. I think it kind of worked out for the best, cause the space at Foe is pretty huge compared to most of the places I usually show at, and I now had a lot of work to pick through.

120 odd paintings went into these two boxes. Normally I'd ship the paintings as I go, but since I didn't know what I was going to bring I just had to take everything on the plane. We booked a flight on JetBlue, so you have to pay $35 for a second piece of luggage. The weight requirements is like 50 lbs, and if you go over it's another $35. Also there's a length requirement, so the lenght+width+height had to equal 62 inches. So yeah. Both of my boxes were 64, so Marci went through, took apart and re-sized my boxes for me, just to get rid of the two inches. My largest painting was 18"x24" so I'm really glad I didn't make anything bigger, cause just a little bit would have messed me up. I mean, $35 isn't that much, but at the same time I don't want to be that dick with the oversize boxes. I took less small 5x5's because they're pretty heavy all together. That box ended up being 48 lbs, and the one with the large panels ended up being 42 lbs.

I shared a suitcase with Marci, or Marci let me put some stuff in her luggage. I'm a dude, I don't have that much stuff. I was emptying out the suitcase while folding laundry, and I swear to god, she had enough clothes to stay on the east coast for like two weeks. She brought enough socks she probably could have worn three each day if she wanted to, but yeah.

Bam, what else? Oh, I got my boxes at the Packaging Store in San Francisco. I don't know if you ever have problems finding the right size box to ship a painting but that place has everything. If you need a totally random sized tube or anything, or just clear bags to sell stuff, well that's the place, and they're pretty affordable compared to other box stores or the chains. Most box stores just have stuff for moving, so it's all in cubic feet, and then you just get a really large box, with too much extra space. I mean we still ended up cutting down the box but only to reach Jetblue's flight requirements.

Also, Boston airport really sucks.

Northampton's Town Hall
We didn't take very many photos in Northampton, which I'm a little bummed about. But yeah. Uh, For the past year I think we just sort of neglected taking photos. But mostly just cause we just wanted to live in the moment. But then you start to forget to take photos for like openings, or birthday parties, cause you forget the camera. But then also we broke our old camera and it took a while to get around to getting a new one.

We actually have had this new camera for a month and someone's already dropped it like 5 times. The last time after I was like, "I'm giving you this camera, just be careful with it", and then they instantly dropped the camera as they got out of the car.

Above is Northampton's town hall which looks like a castle.

We ate at Joe's a couple of times. It's a Mexican themed Pizza place. I think I told someone they switched the S and E by accident.

Northampton was awesome. It kind of reminded me of Berkeley in the 90s, and it was so hippy it made me realize how uh-hippy Berkeley is now a days. We were in a juice bar where some dude was coloring in his Food Not Bombs poster, and there's like a lot people handing out fliers. It was a college town and the kids there had some pretty heavy reading materials compared to the stuff I see kids here reading. I could keep on going, but I'm going to stop. It was all pretty sweet, though.

We actually didn't do that much for our first couple of days, mostly cause we didn't know what to do with all this free time. We still had to install which took about half a day, and Marci got some vegetable drink at a juice bar that kind of looked like dirt, and kind of tasted like dirt so she got a little sick and ended up sleeping till 2 the next day.

Ladies College USA
The only touristy thing we did in Northampton was walk around Smith College before the opening. This is their boat house. Students can rent a boat and take it down to the waterfall.

There was a dude meditating, and other dude with a bongo drum.

Being Free
Being Free.

We didn't take very many photos at the opening. I wish we did. Here's one of Marci with Shea.

The next day we made our way out to the Shaker Village. It was kind of a bust cause they didn't have any of the stuff we wanted to look at. The Shakers made pretty awesome maps and drawings, as well as really good wood furniture. Marci especially wanted to see Shaker trance drawings, but yeah, they didn't have any of that stuff. Just local artist's drawings of Shaker themed stuff and people dressed like Shakers and some baby animals.

Baby animal.

Baby animal.

Shaker Museum
Baby animal.

Afterward we drove to Lenox and visited "The Mount" or the Edith Wharton House. Edith Wharton wrote The House of Mirth and a bunch of other books. She only lived in the house for 10 years but yeah. It was sweet.

Edith Wharton House

Edith Wharton House

Edith Wharton House

Marci and Moose
We stayed in Providence for the weekend. Here's Marci with Mr. Moose.

Here's Mr. Nook.

Tracks to Dennis Pond
This is our second trip out to the Cape. Our first was three years ago and you can see photos from that trip here. The last time we didn't have a car so I remember checking if we could take a train, but Amtrak discontinued services in 1997, so the tracks are there but no trains. Also we found Dennis Pond the last time we were out there and we had to cross tracks to get to it, so I assumed these would take us there.

We picked up some nice rocks on the way there.

Dennis Pond
Dennis Pond. It was too cold to swim in for the time we were there.

Baby Raccoon
While waiting outside our Inn we saw a baby raccoon.

Scargo Tower
Our friend, Andrew recommended we go to Scargo Tower in Dennis. It's a strange structure.

Lobster Benedict
We ate at Jack's Outback everyday we were on the Cape for Breakfast. This is the Lobster Benedict. Jack's is where Edward Gorey ate lunch everyday for like ever. There's an interview of him I found on youtube, and they're conducted here, so it was pretty funny. But we mostly came back cause the food was really good.

They also had two house dogs that like to sit next to you while you eat.

On our walk that day we found an English Weeping Beech Tree.

It was amazing sitting underneath the canopy.

Since we had a car we actually left Yarmouth Port this time around and made it up to the Cape Cod National Seashore. These are the the Three Sisters, which were old Light Houses that used to sit along the coast together.

Marconi Beach
Marconi Beach where the first wireless telegraphs were sent out.

Nauset Marsh Trail
Nauset Marsh Trail, where Marci made me walk through a swamp. We saw a fox running through the trees.

Capt. Frosty's
We ate at Captain Frosty's twice on our trip. It was pretty sweet.

Picking Out Father's Day Cards
Picking Out Father's Day Cards

Captain Frosty's
Fried Clams, Jumbo Lobster Roll, Clam Cakes, and Barq's Root Beer. Pretty amazing.

Mountain Laurel

Above is the old menu
We went to Poit's the next day in Eastham. It was pretty awesome and the lady who owns it was so sweet. Check out their old menu.

Poit's in Eastham
We went to Poit's cause it had a light house themed mini-golf course.

Poit's in Eastham

Massages by Lenny
Other than this sign Provincetown was sort of a bust.

Race Point Beach
But they had Race Point Beach.

Race Point Beach
We found some nice garden rocks.

Race Point Beach
We came into a little trouble with airport security cause Marci wanted to take this rock home.

National Park Service in Wellfleet
The National Park Emblem is pretty sweet.

Old Yarmouth Inn
On our last night we ate at the Old Yarmouth Inn and had a really nice dinner. I had my last lobster roll and Marci got a steak and we watched two periods of the Bruins beating Vancouver.

Yarmouth Port at Night
We went around the neighborhood to take some night time shots.

Yarmouth Port at Night

Parnassus Books at Night

Edward Gorey House
The next morning we made our way to the Edward Gorey House (it was only opened Thur-Sun). And then we made our way home.

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