Sunday, May 29, 2011

For Forever Opening, Good Times

The opening for 'For Forever I'll Be Here' at Rena Bransten was super fun. Check out pics of the festivities thankfully taken by these kind folks (I forgot to use my camera and then later dropped and broke it!). Click on the links for more pics and kind words!

Art Business

For Forever Opening
That's Aiyana. She's brilliant AND fun.

Artists and Astronauts run by the one and only Serena Cole. Have you seen her paintings? They're pretty great and you should check them out here.

For Forever Opening
That girl with her mouth open is my sister and best friend Amanda. We share pretty much the same brain and can occasionally communicate telepathically. If I am ever kidnapped she will find me FOR SURE and then make whoever did it PAY. I'd do the same for her.

This is Courtney Johnson checking out the up close! Have you seen her work? If not you NEED to go here.

Arrested Motion
For Forever Opening

And from my gallery:
For Forever Opening

Afterward I ate wonderful french food with wonderful people and then headed to Encore Karaoke to celebrate my 31st birthday with my nearest and dearest where I got do my Axl Rose impression and unveil me and Amanda's crazy good duet of The Chain. There was some serious karaoke- Amanda's Stevie Nicks is insane, Becca and Teppei's A Whole New World brought a tear to my eye, and Ao's R. Kelly should be illegal. Best Night Ever.

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