Monday, April 25, 2011


I'm still painting for those two shows. I don't have enough time to scan in the new work. I'll probably get around to it in late May or early June.

On a whim I bought this Moleskin planner/calendar for $12 while waiting in line at the art store. I was going to give it to someone but then I found it a few days after the new years. Usually I plan my shows out in a notebook, but it ended up being a good place to organize my work.

I have to average 3 paintings a day, sometimes I do 3, sometimes I only get one done. but I try to paint everyday. There are days where I don't know what to paint so I have to set the day aside to figure out stuff to draw.

I haven't had to make work for two solo shows in a long time. I think in 2004 I had to do two in two months. But back then my stuff wasn't so detailed and there's more steps now then before. Also acrylic takes about 8 minutes to dry when you're dry brushing, so by the time I'm finished doing the last panel I can start another coat on the first panel.

I got a red pen to mark down the days left for that show in Northampton. 44, 43, 42...

I started writing down the time and color to keep me on track with painting. I kind of get distracted pretty easily by stuff. I can finish a few paintings in a day cause I paint a few at a time. Usually about 8-10. Then by the end of the day I'll hopefully finish 2 or 3.

Some of my lighter colors I have to put down more than 2 layers so it's good to just do them all at the same time. This also saves me time cause I don't have to clean my brush so often.

In the note section I write down my ideas and I make a tally for each show. Foe is getting about 96 paintings, and LA is getting about 150. I'm shooting for more, but yeah. 3 a day.

I don't know who ever uses the notes in these things, like the distances between major cities and international dial codes, so I just doodled little ideas. Most of them are kind of dumb.

Yeah, without a pencil, I draw like a retard.

I have a studio but I've just been painting in the living room, mostly just cause I feel like it. I'm using our bookshelf to organize the smaller works for the show. The top left hand corner is the stuff I have to put medium on and scan, the top right hand corner is for panels ready to be drawn on, the lower left side are the finished 9x12s, and the lower right side are the finished 8x10s. bellow the 9x12s are the panels I have to frisket on, put a coat of stars and medium and then need to be scanned.

If my paintings were to get damaged they would usually be because they were with me, so I'm trying to be more careful with them. I started wrapping them in wax paper. and packing them up. It's a lot of paper to waste, but a roll of wax paper is less than $2.

What I really like about making these 5"x5" paintings is that I can pretty much make any image I feel like making without feeling obligated like I have to make everything awesome.

To make my 3 paintings a day quota I have to make a few monochromatic paintings, although this one took three hours to ink in.

I should take real pictures, but instead I use Instagram. One of my friends say it's like autotune for your camera.


ruthie said...

cool post, I'm always interested in an artist's process and how they schedule their day.

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nico said...

da-am, that's some serious planning and focus. awesome work! and you deserve a vacation!

Ricardo said...

Dang, you're a machine. Keep it up.