Friday, April 15, 2011

NY Riots

Untitled by Marci and Deth
Untitled, a photo by Marci and Deth on Flickr.

I decided to make a NY Riots painting anyway. I really just wanted a reason to paint multicolor flags.

Every Riot in Manhattan.
1834 Anti-Abolition Riot
1837- Flour Riot
1849- Astor Place Riot
1863- NYC Draft Riot
1870- NYC Orange Riot
1871- 2nd NYC Orange Riot
1874- Tompkin Square Riot
1934- US Nazi RIot
1935- Harlem Race Riot
1964- NYC Race Riot
1969- Stonewall Uprising
1970- Hard Hat Riot
1977- NYC Blackout Riot
1988- Tompkin Square Park Police Riot