Saturday, March 19, 2011



Wombats and Wallabies. W's have a good amount of sweet animals to draw.

I drew Wayne Gretzky cause I thought it would be kind of funny.


I inked in images for the letter D the other day. I figured out it takes about a day and a half to finish one page. About 4-6 hours to compile a list of things to draw from, then about 10 hours to research and draw, and then about 6 hours to ink. I mostly reference google image, and I compile my list using Marci's mini-dictionary, crosswords reference websites, and an Audubon Nature Encylopedia. I try not having to many animals or plants in each drawing, cause you know, a diamondback is really just a snake, and a discus is really just a fish.

Fun things to draw: Donuts. A dozen of the one I remember. Dog in a duffle bag.

I also drew a devil drinking a cup of tea.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Reading in Tree Drawing

I redrew this so it'd fit a 9x12 paper. I might make a print out of this. or I might not.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Marci made a painting of the Jaws House in LA

The Jaws house is actually called the John Sowden House. She has a month still to work on the rest of her show for Rena Bransten.

Rob Sato @ Rowan Morrison (Oakland Saturday 3/5)

Rob Sato's having a show in Oakland at Rowan Morrison this Saturday. It also happens to be Rowan Morrison's last show. Pete and Narangkar want their studio back.

Rowan Morrison is pleased to present BLOWING THE HATCH, a solo show of new drawings by Los Angeles Artist Rob Sato.

Rob Sato was born and raised in Sacramento, California, and received his BFA in illustration from California College of Arts and Crafts. He is the recipient of the prestigious Xeric Grant, with which he published his graphic novel Burying Sandwiches. Sato is largely known for his epic watercolors, and has been featured in Juxtapoz, Giant Robot and High Fructose Magazine.

Rob Sato has been a dear friend to us for many years, and it brings us great joy to host a new body of his works here in Oakland, where we all met so long ago. We will cease our exhibition programming after this show, so it gives us great pleasure to end on a very strong note. It's been an honor to work with a group of artists of this caliber over the last five years, and to have the opportunity to grant a space for solo shows. We are deeply thankful to our patrons who continually contribute to the support structure for all of our artists and our selves.

From Rob:
"This will be a drawing heavy show. Recently, I’ve been compelled to draw more than paint, and have been enjoying the simple pleasures of graphite on paper. It has been an interesting period of getting back to basics and at the same time trying things I’ve never done before. Currently, all preparations are a wild-eyed blur, so it is difficult to gauge what the show will consist of, but several graphite drawings can be expected, at least one large watercolor, and the last installments of my “Slideshow” series. There will be no less than that, maybe more, and as much as I can get in there. Also, there will be one large piece dedicated to the gallery that was never missing. There’s a hare in the grave and Rowan Morrison will not die. "

Saturday March 5, 7-10 PM.

Rowan Morrison Gallery
330 40th Street
Oakland, CA 94609


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Teppei Ando's "Locksmith Brothers"




My friend Teppei made a pretty awesome comic about the time he lived with the local con-artist and two locksmith brothers. Everything in this comic is pretty real. We actually used to live in the same neighborhood, so we saw the con-artist who rammed a local news van when they were investigating him selling cars to people without telling them that he got the cars at the salvage yard. Uh, we didn't get to see him ram the news van but we did see him park his piece of shit cars throughout the entire neighborhood, and one time he stole Marci's parking spot when she was backing and she cussed him out.

But yeah. This comic strangely isn't about that guy but these other two guys that he lived with who were locksmiths.

This comic is 8.5" x5.5" and is 38 pages, with a color copy cover. And is $3, which barely covers the cost of the zine. Actually I don't really know if he's making any money cause Etsy charges 20c per listing, and they take a small percentage, and then Paypal also takes out a small percentage. So he might be just breaking even.

So yeah. You should buy his comic and you can get it here.

Or you can listen to the visual/audio version on his Youtube Page where he also does all the voices.


I need to get a bigger dictionary, cause I couldn't come up with very many "K" words.