Saturday, February 12, 2011


I finished the letter Z. Uh, it was a litle difficult but nothing as bad as X. I'm still inking Y.

The Zebra took about a half hour to draw. Which is a lot for me. I was going back and forth earlier between a thin and thick pen, but decided to just do everything with the same pen (which is a high-tec C). I was using the thick pen to ink larger amounts of black cause it's faster, but an extra few minutes here and there isn't so bad.

I should probably take detail photos. But yeah.

Interesting stuff with Zs:
zarf - ornamental coffee holder.
zambogna - Italian bagpipe. There was also a Turkish one that starts with "Z" but I didn't want to draw it.
ziggurat - any kid who took art history should know about this.
zoetrope - any kid who took a beginning animation class should know about this.

Funnest things to draw:
The Zebra, and the Zither.

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