Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Strange Case of Edward Gorey by Alexander Theroux

I pre-ordered this book a year ago and it in the mail today. I got it for only $10 cause I pre-ordered it but it sells for $11 and retails for $20. And it's kind of totally worth it. You can get it here. It was first published in 2000, but that book was 68 pages, and this one's 166 pages. Edward Gorey passed away April 13, 2000. It's weird cause I remember what I was doing around that time cause my 21st birthday was a week later, Built to Spill came out with their live album and I had to install and art show. I also became really super popular and everyone wanted me to walk them to the liquor store and buy them beer.

This book has a lot of really good photos of him, and a lot of tidbits on his life, that probably only the die hard of fans would appreciate. Marci and I went to visit the Edward Gorey House a few years ago. You can see our photos from then here.

There's a few other books about his works. My favorite among them is Ascending Peculiarity which is a book that compiled all his interviews through his career and in order. You read them and take whatever information you want from them, which is what I like about that book.



I want to collect all the photos of my favorite drawers with their cats. Like Tove Jannson.

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