Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A General Selection of Small Drawings Zine

The past couple of days I've been working on this little zine of drawings. It's a quarter page, which I used to make a lot of, but the last one I made was two years ago.

It's a fairly simple way of making a zine, which is what I kind of like about it. I pretty much just draw random stuff, and then put them together when things are done, then hope the order comes out alright.

I was thinking about other colors for a cover, but then I just settled for white. All my other zines have white covers. I might republish with a teal colored paper.

Page 1
The zine has 23 drawings, including a two page spread of one drawing, and these end pages with a herring bone pattern.

Pages 2&3
I used Faber-Castell's Pitt Artist and Calligraphy pens for the inking in. I usually use a Pilot Hi-Tec C or a Pilot V5, but decided I want my lines to be really dark.

Pages 4&5
I tried not having to many dark pages cause sometimes the pages gets jammed in the machine from too much toner. But Copy Central has a pretty good machine I liked to use.

Pages 6&7
I used to go to a 3 cents copy place, but yeah. So did everyone else, and their self service machines were all kind of fucked. Copy Central in Downtown Berkeley is pretty much the best. Everyone's super nice, very helpful and they pretty much leave you alone if you look like you know what you're doing. It's more than twice as much per copy but totally worth it, and their machines are kept in super excellent condition.

Pages 8&9
There's another Copy Central in Berkeley also off of Shattuck and also on an island block up between the Safeway and a CVS, which isn't as good, so don't get confused thinking I'm talking about that one.

Pages 10&11
"The True Deceiver" is a book by Tove Jansson.

Pages 12&13
I used the large fancy xerox machine while at Copy Central. I got a little confused at first on how to reload the page to print on the back cause when you print just one the xeroxed page is facing you, but if you print like 10 it's not. Usually I just take the paper, flip it sideways and load it in, but I didn't need to do that with this particular machine.

Pages 14&15
This scene is from one of my favorite Moomin panels. The book he's reading says "Agatha Christie". I drew the text with a Pilot V5 cause the Pitt is a little too thick for fine lines.

Pages 16&17
"We Only Live Once" is also a quote from another Moomin panel. I was thinking about adding more text, but yeah.

Pages 18&19
I was pretty worried about jamming the machines, so I'm glad all the black didn't mess things up. I have been kicked out of copy places before. Like the old Kinkos on Shattuck cause I was xeroxing something that sort of melted into the machine.

Pages 20&21
The drawing on the left was the first drawing I made for this project.

Pages 22&23

Pages 24&25
I thought these two drawings matched up quite nicely.

Pages 26&27
If you want to buy one you can get it here for $5.

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