Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I finished "A" last night. It took a while so I had to break out the old Audubons. Marci still had her bookmarks in it. Apparently she was really into albino animals.

"A" was the 5 letter I've finished so far. The only spread I have is C/X (pictured above). The zine is going to be the largest zine I've ever made with the most drawings I can possibly shove into it. I only have 21 more letters to go.

The zine is going to be 28 pages. When you plan for these things you have to think of the pages in 4, so you can have a zine that's like 16, or 20 pages, or 24 pages. Originally I was going to combine some of the harder letters together to get 24 pages. My reasoning was cause it would save me some money on photocopying, and work, and I didn't know if I could get enough stuff to finish X. So that's why I finished X early, cause it would be the hardest letter to finish, and it ended up being okay, so I settled on 28, with two extra pages. I was going to have them be the first and last pages of the zine.

This was the start of my original first and last page spread. It was actually the first thing I started on. I pretty much had no idea what I would put down for them so I thought I would just use a popular image, and on the back I was just going to draw whatever. But then I just drew a blank on the back of what I could do.

Then the other night I thought I could just draw out a herring bone pattern for both those pages. I think it would just look nicer. I thought it was going to be fast work, but yeah. It took me like 3 hours to do this and it cramped up my hand.

I still have to come up with a Cover a title, and 21 more letters. I should probably start painting, though, cause I have two solo shows in June. I would have more done, but last week was spent figuring out t-shirts, a tote, and a few prints to make. And then I had to buy stuff to ship stuff. I bought t-shirt mailing bags. They're pretty awesome. I used to just put them in manila envelopes and wrap them with cellophane tape and hoped for the best. Yeah, I did that for 5 years; I'm an idiot. And I knew about the bags but I always plan on not doing t-shirts anymore.

My new t-shirt is going to be a t-shirt of a cat wearing a t-shirt that says whatever. Same with the tote but in another color. The shirts come in on Thursday and I'll have them for my friend's crafts fair in Berkeley. I only have ladies shirts. I might print guys shirts, but I sort of sell more girl shirts than guys by a large margin. Like 2:1.

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Nancy said...

The ladies love Deth.

I'm lovin' this aphabet series. Great stuff for kids.