Thursday, December 2, 2010

"Feeling Better Already" Double Punch (San Francsico, CA)

Double Punch "Feeling Better Already"
I'm in a Group Show that opens up at Double Punch in the City, on Saturday the 10th.

These are the paintings I made for it:
For Double Punch

I might switch out one, but yeah.

The show includes:
Travis Millard, Albert Reyes, Nate Van Dyke, Jesse Ledoux, Ryan Bubnis, Parskid, Christopher Cox, Shawn Wisenant, Nas Chompas, Sidney Pink, Ryan De La Hoz, Scott Greenwalt, Tom Haubrick, Jared Schorr, Ken Garduno, Mia Christopher, Corey Smith, Tyler Bewley, Max Kauffman, Greg Kenton.

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