Sunday, November 28, 2010

Winter Shows

Here's a drawing I made. I'm in a few group show. There's always year end shows in December. I actually said "No" to three others, just cause they're always at the same time, and some folks ask artists a little late.

The first show was at Lopo Gallery in San Francisco. It opened this past Saturday. I didn't make it out there, and I would have written about it, or at least take a photo of my art in it, but it was a busy week cause of Thanksgiving, so I did none of those things. It was set up by Ken Harman, who also took photos of the show.

I'm in the year end show for 111 Minna on December 2nd. I just have to drop off my painting tomorrow. Its just one. I might do the Sketch Tuesday thing. I'm sort of just feeling it out and seeing if anyone else I know might do it. Marci's kind of busy, and I don't like doing those things without knowing if my friends will be around.

The last show I'll be in December will be at Double Punch. I was just going to take it easy and send them framed drawings, but then I realised I had nothing else better to do so I'll be hopefully sending them 4 8"x10" paintings and one 11"x14" painting. A long time ago I bought a bunch of panels in various sizes, but pretty much settled on 9"x12", 16"x20" and 20"x24" as my favorite sizes. But I just have a bunch of 8"x10"s and 11"x14"s just lying around so I've been trying to use then in group shows. I have one of these paintings done, the other 4 I just finished the drawings on. The show is on the 10th and the deadline's probably the 7th so I have plenty of time.

Oh, yeah. These shows are all in San Francisco. I know, most exciting post. Hopefully I'll remember to take photos of the things I make.

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