Wednesday, November 17, 2010

San Francisco Arts Commission Passport 2010

This year I got to participate in the San Francisco Arts Commission's Passport Project. It was their second year. Pretty much they sell these little books, or passports and the buyer goes around a specific neighborhood in San Francisco to specific booths manned by artists who then stamp their art into the person's book.

SFAC Passport 2010
Uh, I forgot who did the cover for the books, but they look pretty sweet.

SFAC Passport 2010

Timothy Cummings
Timothy Cummings (one of Marci's favorite painters).

Jovi Schnell
Jovi Schnell.

Deth P. Sun

Jason Jägel
Jason Jägel.

Ruth Laskey
Ruth Laskey. I really liked seeing Ruth's stamp throughout the day. Marci used to work with her at the CCAC Library on the Oakland Campus.

Nigel Poor
Nigel Poor. I'm not familiar with Nigel Poor's work, but I liked that his piece included the Mayor's thumbprint (now the Lt. Governor of California, Gavin Newsom).

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