Friday, October 22, 2010

Trip to LA

Here's what we did for our trip to LA. I got out of the habit of taking photos. So there's a lot of stuff missing.

We rented a car. I didn't take a photo of it, cause it's was kind of a dorky car. Marci said it was like she was driving a sewing machine. We got it for about $100 for 4 days, and it didn't take that much gas. It took $27 to get to LA from Berkeley. It was sweet. We drove down with our friend, Myleen. She needed a ride to Valencia.

Why we were driving down was cause of my show in LA at Giant Robot, and I used to work there in 2005, and that's where I work with Myleen, who worked the web store.

Marci took this photo of the Grapevine, while I was asleep in the back.

Derek and Marci
We stayed with our old friend, Derek who moved to LA two years ago. He met up with us at GR2 and finished installing for us while we watched him.

Chinese Restaurant
This is a photo from 2003 in LA, the first time we all went down to install my show. I was 24, Marci was 23, and Derek was 22.

Derek lives with a cat. It's his roommate, Jonah's, who went camping that weekend.

We didn't really have this trip planned out so well. Considering we booked the rental the same week we picked up the car. On my list was Galco Soda Pop Stop, The Donut Man in Glendora, and yeah, that was it.

Donut Man in Glendora
We went to Glendora for the first time. I suckered our friend Carolline to come out with us. I used to work with her at GR2 way back when, too.

Strawberry Donut
The place is known for these donuts with fresh fruit in them. Uh, it was like 100 degrees when I took this photo.

After that we went to Galco's. There wasn't really anything to photograph.

Carolline, Marci and Derek
We went to Clifton's for lunch. It's downtown and our friends say it was made during the WPA era. The food wasn't so great but the place was kind of amazing looking. In a Walt Disney fake LA kind of way. I'm watching Fight Club right now, and the cafe scene's in Clifton's. We did take a few photos in there, but I don't think we have any that can show how truly crazy Clifton's is.

After this, Marci and I went to the opening.
Marci with Rob & Ako
This is the only photo I took at the opening. It Marci with Rob and Ako. Afterward, we went with Aaron, to our friend Conor's house and played cards.

The next day we hung out with Ryan. I think we hung out with other people. This part gets kind of hazy for me cause I kind of was just sleep walking through the day. That and I had been drink for like a week straight. In the morning we had breakfast with a bunch of friends, then we met up with Ryan, and then Marci and Ryan went to a bunch of charity shops while I tried finding places to sit down. Then we went to some bar that looked like the inside of a cabin and ate at some really bad Indian place. After that we went back to Derek's place, played cards until one of our other friends from SF, who happen to be in town called and said he wanted to hang out at some random bar, that wasn't so random. It was across the street where Marci used to work at when we lived in LA. We watched him play foosball and then got tacos from a taco truck afterward.

Bam! That was our trip.

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Junkyard Sam said...

Donuts!! There's a "Donut Prince" near where I work in Burbank and it says real big: "DON'T GET A DIVORCE. Get a DONUT!"

That's geniusness. Donuts rule.