Monday, October 25, 2010

The Studio Now

Cleared up the Studio
After finishing that show at Giant Robot I thought I should clear up some space in the studio cause it was kind of cluttered up with the my drying table. I put that in storage, and got rid of some boxes and put my packaging peanuts in storage as well. I had been hording boxes and packaging materials cause I thought I was going to be shipping paintings to New York but then my show got switched to LA.

Marci wanted her table higher so she used my sawhorses. But then she wanted her table even higher so she got cinder blocks from the garden. I don't think that's earthquake safe, but whatever.

What Marci's working on.
More stuff Marci's working on. I'm kind of taking a break from working. Until maybe Wednesday. I have to photocopy my zine again. It sucks cause I just did it for Tiny Showcase. I also have like 7 left of my other zine and that one is even more work. But at least I bought the cover sheet paper. The last time I bought a rim of paper for it, it was like $50, but they no longer carry that one, so I got a thinner one that sells for $25. I don't think anyone really notices. It's raining a lot so I have to wait till the weather clears up a little. Or I might hitch a ride into the City cause my favorite copy place is there. It's like 3c a copy, but the copies are really good, which is unlike most 3c copies. I usually go to Copy Central, even though they're 6c a copy. They give you a 1c discount per if you make more than a 1,000 copies.

There's a bunch of squirrels that run up and down the roof of the studio. The half-eat all the apples and litter them around the car. Jerks. I guess they're better than the possums that hang out in the compost. A few weeks ago late one night/or early one morning I saw a deer eating from the tops of Marci's tomato plants. It was kind of strange cause we live pretty much in suburbia. Then I found out that week they shot a Cougar in the parking lot of the old Elephant Pharmacy on Shattuck which is a few blocks away. My friend said it was thought to be hunting deer.

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