Saturday, October 9, 2010

Passport 2010

I'm participating in the San Francisco Arts Commission Passport project. More information can be found here. Pretty much you buy a book from the Arts Commission (all proceeds go the City's gallery, or at least I think they do), and they certain spots you're suppose to go around in a specific neighborhood where you get your book stamped by an artist with a stamp they created for the occasion. You then get to explore the neighborhood, and visit shops or places you might not have. Last year they did the Mission, so there was stops like 826 or Dynamo Donuts. This year they're doing Hayes Valley. Which I don't really know much about. I think I have to be at the grocery store.

I also painted a bag that's going to auctioned off for the Arts Commission. The bag company is called Timbuk2. I didn't have much time, it was made pretty much within a week of getting the canvas.

Uh, I kind of didn't get the instructions cause I didn't know how the canvas was going to wrap around the bag. when they sent me the photo it kind of all finally made sense. I had to youtube videos of timbuk2 bags. After an hour I was still confused but I kind of wanted a new laptop bag.

Deth P Sun Timbuk2 Messenger
This is the photo they sent me.

Deth P Sun Timbuk2 Messenger (inside)
I kind of like the inside panel more.

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Anna M. said...

wow! that bag looks really good! YAY!

Ok, can we have this passport thing happen in LA? Or has it? I'm out of it. Because that would be so fun!