Monday, October 25, 2010

Alternative Press Expo

Marci and I went to APE last weekend. We showed up with two hours left on the last day and left about a half hour before it closed down. APE is pretty sweet, and Marci likes it more than Comic-Con, mostly cause it's way smaller, and you can find more independent artists just selling handmade zines, comics and prints. In past years I bought some nice zines there from Scott Barry, Jacob Magraw-Mickelson, and Sammy Harkham.

I figure I have this blog, so I'm going to blog about the stuff we got this year.
Uh, I actually forgot to bring cash, and we came when it was closing so I didn't really get much. Most of this stuff is what Marci got.

Marci bought this drawing from Aiyana Udesen.
She was sharing a table with Matt Furie and Albert Reyes. She's always wanted a drawing from Aiyana so here was her chance.

We also picked up these zines from her and Matt Furie. The one on top is their collaborative effort.

Then we went to Hellen Jo and Calvin Wong's Table. Hellen Jo's is like Marci's favorite comic artist, and Calvin Wong works with our friend, Ako at The Cartoon Network in LA. I bought one of his comics a few years ago, and Marci bought this one this time.

Marci also got this Lady Gaga Fanzine they were involved in.

Marci also bought her "Crash and the Boys" print for the Scott Pilgrim Comic-Con Print Series.

We stopped by Jon Vermilyea's booth. I was just in a show with him in August at Double Punch. I liked his work, but I didn't meet him at the opening cause he didn't fly out for it. I thought I should say, "Hello".

I didn't buy this zine at the opening cause I feel weird doing that. I also bought the latest issue of Giant Robot at APE with the Matt Furie video game inside. I wanted to buy that at Giant Robot when I had a show there but they were closing down the register and I didn't want to bother them.

I went by Double Punch's booth and bought this zine from Michael Sieben. He makes nice stuff and was in that same show at Double Punch with Jon Vermilyea and Parskid in August. I wanted to buy this zine then, too, but I didn't.

Ryan De La Hoz who also had his zine at the Double Punch booth sold out of his zine on Saturday so we missed out. Hopefully those will be reprinted soon.

Apparently a bunch of other people we knew were there but we were only there for two hours so we didn't meet up with any of them. We did however bump in David Murray of Seibei Shirts and talked to him. Mostly to tell him how much we love his stuff. Marci's favorite shirt is this one. The description is actually what she said when she first saw the shirt.

I think next year I'll try and share a table with friends for APE. I haven't done it since we shared a table with Brendan and Evah back in 2007. Marci kind of hated it, and Brendan and Evah moved. And at the time I didn't know anyone else who'd want to share a table with me, but now I do.

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