Monday, October 25, 2010

Drawings for Domy Books

I got asked to submit work for Domy Book's Annual Monster Show. They're based in Austin and Houston, Texas, so I had to ship a drawing to each place.

Drawing for Domy Books002 (Austin)
This is the one I shipped to Austin.

Drawing for Domy Books001 (Houston)
I shipped the pencil one to Houston. I was going to ink it, but I kind of liked it just penciled in.

The show opens later this week. On Saturday.

Domy Books
1709 Westheimer, Houston, TX 77098
913 E Cesar Chavez, Austin, TX 78702

There's over 100 artists at each location so it should be a good show.

This is what I did for them last year:
Deth P Sun

The Studio Now

Cleared up the Studio
After finishing that show at Giant Robot I thought I should clear up some space in the studio cause it was kind of cluttered up with the my drying table. I put that in storage, and got rid of some boxes and put my packaging peanuts in storage as well. I had been hording boxes and packaging materials cause I thought I was going to be shipping paintings to New York but then my show got switched to LA.

Marci wanted her table higher so she used my sawhorses. But then she wanted her table even higher so she got cinder blocks from the garden. I don't think that's earthquake safe, but whatever.

What Marci's working on.
More stuff Marci's working on. I'm kind of taking a break from working. Until maybe Wednesday. I have to photocopy my zine again. It sucks cause I just did it for Tiny Showcase. I also have like 7 left of my other zine and that one is even more work. But at least I bought the cover sheet paper. The last time I bought a rim of paper for it, it was like $50, but they no longer carry that one, so I got a thinner one that sells for $25. I don't think anyone really notices. It's raining a lot so I have to wait till the weather clears up a little. Or I might hitch a ride into the City cause my favorite copy place is there. It's like 3c a copy, but the copies are really good, which is unlike most 3c copies. I usually go to Copy Central, even though they're 6c a copy. They give you a 1c discount per if you make more than a 1,000 copies.

There's a bunch of squirrels that run up and down the roof of the studio. The half-eat all the apples and litter them around the car. Jerks. I guess they're better than the possums that hang out in the compost. A few weeks ago late one night/or early one morning I saw a deer eating from the tops of Marci's tomato plants. It was kind of strange cause we live pretty much in suburbia. Then I found out that week they shot a Cougar in the parking lot of the old Elephant Pharmacy on Shattuck which is a few blocks away. My friend said it was thought to be hunting deer.

Alternative Press Expo

Marci and I went to APE last weekend. We showed up with two hours left on the last day and left about a half hour before it closed down. APE is pretty sweet, and Marci likes it more than Comic-Con, mostly cause it's way smaller, and you can find more independent artists just selling handmade zines, comics and prints. In past years I bought some nice zines there from Scott Barry, Jacob Magraw-Mickelson, and Sammy Harkham.

I figure I have this blog, so I'm going to blog about the stuff we got this year.
Uh, I actually forgot to bring cash, and we came when it was closing so I didn't really get much. Most of this stuff is what Marci got.

Marci bought this drawing from Aiyana Udesen.
She was sharing a table with Matt Furie and Albert Reyes. She's always wanted a drawing from Aiyana so here was her chance.

We also picked up these zines from her and Matt Furie. The one on top is their collaborative effort.

Then we went to Hellen Jo and Calvin Wong's Table. Hellen Jo's is like Marci's favorite comic artist, and Calvin Wong works with our friend, Ako at The Cartoon Network in LA. I bought one of his comics a few years ago, and Marci bought this one this time.

Marci also got this Lady Gaga Fanzine they were involved in.

Marci also bought her "Crash and the Boys" print for the Scott Pilgrim Comic-Con Print Series.

We stopped by Jon Vermilyea's booth. I was just in a show with him in August at Double Punch. I liked his work, but I didn't meet him at the opening cause he didn't fly out for it. I thought I should say, "Hello".

I didn't buy this zine at the opening cause I feel weird doing that. I also bought the latest issue of Giant Robot at APE with the Matt Furie video game inside. I wanted to buy that at Giant Robot when I had a show there but they were closing down the register and I didn't want to bother them.

I went by Double Punch's booth and bought this zine from Michael Sieben. He makes nice stuff and was in that same show at Double Punch with Jon Vermilyea and Parskid in August. I wanted to buy this zine then, too, but I didn't.

Ryan De La Hoz who also had his zine at the Double Punch booth sold out of his zine on Saturday so we missed out. Hopefully those will be reprinted soon.

Apparently a bunch of other people we knew were there but we were only there for two hours so we didn't meet up with any of them. We did however bump in David Murray of Seibei Shirts and talked to him. Mostly to tell him how much we love his stuff. Marci's favorite shirt is this one. The description is actually what she said when she first saw the shirt.

I think next year I'll try and share a table with friends for APE. I haven't done it since we shared a table with Brendan and Evah back in 2007. Marci kind of hated it, and Brendan and Evah moved. And at the time I didn't know anyone else who'd want to share a table with me, but now I do.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Trip to LA

Here's what we did for our trip to LA. I got out of the habit of taking photos. So there's a lot of stuff missing.

We rented a car. I didn't take a photo of it, cause it's was kind of a dorky car. Marci said it was like she was driving a sewing machine. We got it for about $100 for 4 days, and it didn't take that much gas. It took $27 to get to LA from Berkeley. It was sweet. We drove down with our friend, Myleen. She needed a ride to Valencia.

Why we were driving down was cause of my show in LA at Giant Robot, and I used to work there in 2005, and that's where I work with Myleen, who worked the web store.

Marci took this photo of the Grapevine, while I was asleep in the back.

Derek and Marci
We stayed with our old friend, Derek who moved to LA two years ago. He met up with us at GR2 and finished installing for us while we watched him.

Chinese Restaurant
This is a photo from 2003 in LA, the first time we all went down to install my show. I was 24, Marci was 23, and Derek was 22.

Derek lives with a cat. It's his roommate, Jonah's, who went camping that weekend.

We didn't really have this trip planned out so well. Considering we booked the rental the same week we picked up the car. On my list was Galco Soda Pop Stop, The Donut Man in Glendora, and yeah, that was it.

Donut Man in Glendora
We went to Glendora for the first time. I suckered our friend Carolline to come out with us. I used to work with her at GR2 way back when, too.

Strawberry Donut
The place is known for these donuts with fresh fruit in them. Uh, it was like 100 degrees when I took this photo.

After that we went to Galco's. There wasn't really anything to photograph.

Carolline, Marci and Derek
We went to Clifton's for lunch. It's downtown and our friends say it was made during the WPA era. The food wasn't so great but the place was kind of amazing looking. In a Walt Disney fake LA kind of way. I'm watching Fight Club right now, and the cafe scene's in Clifton's. We did take a few photos in there, but I don't think we have any that can show how truly crazy Clifton's is.

After this, Marci and I went to the opening.
Marci with Rob & Ako
This is the only photo I took at the opening. It Marci with Rob and Ako. Afterward, we went with Aaron, to our friend Conor's house and played cards.

The next day we hung out with Ryan. I think we hung out with other people. This part gets kind of hazy for me cause I kind of was just sleep walking through the day. That and I had been drink for like a week straight. In the morning we had breakfast with a bunch of friends, then we met up with Ryan, and then Marci and Ryan went to a bunch of charity shops while I tried finding places to sit down. Then we went to some bar that looked like the inside of a cabin and ate at some really bad Indian place. After that we went back to Derek's place, played cards until one of our other friends from SF, who happen to be in town called and said he wanted to hang out at some random bar, that wasn't so random. It was across the street where Marci used to work at when we lived in LA. We watched him play foosball and then got tacos from a taco truck afterward.

Bam! That was our trip.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Strength - Metal

Strength is playing in San Francisco this week on Friday. They're opening up for some other band at Great American Music Hall. It'll be awesome.

Bailey is a pretty awesome painter (you can see his work here), too. And you can read their interview here.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Passport 2010

I'm participating in the San Francisco Arts Commission Passport project. More information can be found here. Pretty much you buy a book from the Arts Commission (all proceeds go the City's gallery, or at least I think they do), and they certain spots you're suppose to go around in a specific neighborhood where you get your book stamped by an artist with a stamp they created for the occasion. You then get to explore the neighborhood, and visit shops or places you might not have. Last year they did the Mission, so there was stops like 826 or Dynamo Donuts. This year they're doing Hayes Valley. Which I don't really know much about. I think I have to be at the grocery store.

I also painted a bag that's going to auctioned off for the Arts Commission. The bag company is called Timbuk2. I didn't have much time, it was made pretty much within a week of getting the canvas.

Uh, I kind of didn't get the instructions cause I didn't know how the canvas was going to wrap around the bag. when they sent me the photo it kind of all finally made sense. I had to youtube videos of timbuk2 bags. After an hour I was still confused but I kind of wanted a new laptop bag.

Deth P Sun Timbuk2 Messenger
This is the photo they sent me.

Deth P Sun Timbuk2 Messenger (inside)
I kind of like the inside panel more.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tiny Showcase + Deth P. Sun

They made my illustration job into a print. My charity of choice is PBS, which i don't if that actually counts as a charity, but they do have pledge drives.