Saturday, September 4, 2010


For a while I was photographing different sodas I've been picking up here and there. But then I stopped.

This is ginger beer. I got it cause I liked the cap. It reminded me of a Silver Jews t-shirt I had when I was 22. It was an awesome shirt. This drink makes me sneeze.

I shared this with Rob a few months ago. Like in March.

Other sodas not photographed:
1. Manhattan Special. Not so special (I'm sorry). It's coffee/cola. I was one of the half dozen folks that enjoyed coke blak, so I was kind of disappointed.

2. Waialau. This is kind of my new favorite soda. It's Hawaiian. You can get it at the Liquor store on Telegraph across the street from 510 Skateboards. I've never seen the Pineapple or Mango ones, but their Vanilla and Root Beer are both pretty ace.

3. Bubble-up. Lemon-lime soda. I don't really like lime cola, I got it pretty much for the bottle cap. I forgot where I got it at.

4. Dublin Dr. Pepper. I got my first Dublin Dr. Pepper in San Mateo last week. It's made with Cane Sugar and comes from Dublin, TX. It's alright. It's still prune soda.

5. Thums Up. It's owned by Coca-cola and you can get it at Indian restaurants. It tastes like you're biting into my uncle's leather furniture (in like 1984) which is kind why I like it. Cause I think of being 5 and watching cartoon robots beating up on other cartoon robots.

6. Malta Goya- This is apparently fucking wheat soda. It's the first drink that made me instantly spit it out and run to the bathroom to wash out my mouth. I got it cause the bottle cap said "Malta, India, Puerto Rico" which seemed like the 3 most random countries to put together on a bottle cap. I picked this up with Joe at a liquor store in the Mission near his house. The lady wouldn't sell it to me cause I all I had was a 10 so Joe bought it for me.

6. & 7. I also got Faygo and Boylan. Uh, they're better than Coke but they're kind of the same. I can get them at family grocery stores or at I think Andronico's.

8. There's always Natural Brew. They make a really good vanilla cola. You can get that at whole foods, but I get mine at the Produce Center on Shattuck.

9. Normally I don't like fruit soda, but when I go to Mexican restaurants and if I feel like a soda, I get the apple one Mundet makes. It's pretty awesome.

Below is a video for Galco Soda Pop Stop which is in LA. Or near LA. We have to go to LA in October and I want to make a stop there.


Gabbi said...

This is great, have to try a rose petal soda now. My favorite not easy to find are Peach Nehi's in a bottle!

Deth said...

i never seen that one before.