Thursday, September 30, 2010

LA Bound

Yeah. We're going to LA. I should be probably more excited but I'm still getting shit done.

This is my last painting. It's drying right now, but I still have to cut out a shape of the boat in tracing paper and throw some sporatic stars and then put another coat of matte medium down.

These are my 5" x 5" all packed up. It took me about two hours cause I also had to cut velcro and put them on the back. It makes installing way faster, and this will be my second time installing by myself so I guess it's worth it.. Last night around midnight I decided that they should all have a matte finish instead of a gloss one. So yeah. that fucking sucked. I was up to about 6 in the morning doing that. They go together, but they don't make a square cause I did my math wrong. There's like 94, but I was suppose to do 91. I'm too tired to eliminate 3, and I could include 4 of these old ones but I don't like them so much.

These are my 9"x12", they go together but won't be touching. I made 27. Originally there was going to 24, but I miscounted, and there was like 26. So I got another panel and made it 27. Uh, I know. I'm such a good story teller.

There's more. I have uh, 4 16"x20", one 30"x40", that large one that's drying which is 24"x30", and a 11"x16" which was my weird illustration job that Tiny Showcase is making into a print that's going to be released next week. I had 4 18"x24" paintings I was going work on, but I ran out of time. I keep track of my square inches for my shows, so for this show, since it's shared is, 8645 square inches. I've always kept track of this cause I used to always live in small places making small paintings so I didn't know if my paintings could fill up an exhibition space. My first solo shows were about 9,000 square inches to 10,000. The largest I ever done was about 14,000. Nowadays it's really hard for me to to get really high up there cause most of the stuff I make is 5"x5", so that's like 25 square inches. So to make just 9,0000 would take 360 paintings. I think my number obsession has made start working in grids. Cause odd numbers kind of bother me, except 1s and 3s for some strange reason. But it really doesn't bother me when things don't match according to plans cause yeah. You can only control what you can control. Sometimes they run out of panels at the store, or sometimes my brain tells me that I need to be reading a comic book in bed.

This is the rat nest where I paint. I do lint roll my paintings and I use can air when I draw cause sometimes spit comes out of my mouth when blowing away eraser marks and then that fucks shit up. This is where I'm sitting at right now.

For Derek
I made this painting for Derek. It like him in cat form. We're staying with him while we're in LA. Yeah, I give all my gifts in clear resealable plastic bags. It ruins the surprise, but at least whatever's inside stays clean. After this photo I even labeled it with Derek's name.

Other things:
1. It's been very hot. It was like 100 degrees for two days straight. It wasn't that bad cause it made everything dry like instantly.
2. We both had to go to the DMV this week. I had to renew my California ID. It expired last year but I don't really get stopped for it, except at the Safeway. The DMV sucked. We went to El Cerrito but their camera was broken so we had to go to the one in Oakland. I hung out a little at my friend's house using their wi-fi and relaxing on their porch cause they lived across the street from the DMV. I didn't say hi cause they seemed busy playing video games.

Screen shot 2010-09-25 at 11.10.47 AM
3. I watched Murder by Death. It has Maggie Smith in it. As well as some guy who sounded like Philip Seymour Hoffman in Capote and then ended up being Truman Capote. It's a spoof on murder mysteries so I kind of liked it.
4. I watched both Clash of the Titans. The 2010 and the 1981 original. It's weird how around 1990 people complained about the special affects (effects?) and nowadays people complain about the CGI. I kind of just zone it all out, so I didn't like either one especially but they were still pretty entertaining.

5. My friend, Jacob was in town and dropped by. I've known him for about 10 years, and I just found out he eats fish (which I always thought his diet was strictly vegetarian, but he was a commercial fisherman for a year or so when he was like 19). I took him to the really nice sushi restaurant that's really cheap cause it's just a take-out place. He makes awesome work.
5. Awesome new historical dude I just found out about: Gilbert du Motier.
6. Tonight I'm watching Youth in Revolt and National Geographics Inside North Korea. If you have the chance you should watch State of Mind, or the Vice's Guide to travel episode on when they go to North Korea. Last night I watched An Affair to Remember (It kind of sucked, I hate artists in fictional portrayals cause the art always suck), Elizabeth, a Frontline Episode on bad cops in New Orleans during Katrina, and re-watched some episodes of Ken Burn's Civil War.

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