Sunday, August 22, 2010

Change Jar/ Historical Women

I've kept a spreadsheet of my change jar for the past year. I then made a chart. I saved about $200 in a year, by paying for as much as I could with cash and putting all my change in jars.

Uh, I am painting, I'm just waiting for stuff to dry. I'm also compiling a list of historical hunnies. It's kind of hard cause history really isn't frothing with a lot of smart ladies that got to actually do anything while they were still hot. I did find this pretty sweet image of Martha Washington. Marci's related to George Washington (uh, her name is Marci Washington).

If you want to know my list:

Top 10 Historical Ladies

1. Martha Washington

2. Elizabeth I

3. Hayley Mills

4. Jessie Ann Benton Frémont

5. Dolly Madison

6. Charlotte Brontë

7. Mary Ann Patten

8. Ada Lovelace

9. Lola Montez

10. Nancy Harkness Love

There were others I guess you could put on the list, but I don't particularly think they're that awesome.
- Mary Queen of Scots. Kind of hot but that gets negated cause she was also kind of dumb.
- Marie Antoinette. Uh, also kind of dumb.
- Mata Hari. I just watched a documentary on her (It's in the bonus section of the Young Indian Jones (Season 2)). Uh, I don't think she's that interesting.
- Joan of Arc. A little too into God. But she did kill a lot of Englishmen.
- Cleopatra. I don't care.
- Hatshepsut. I don't care.
- Emelia Earhart. Uh, she was actually kind of dumb. Fearless, yeah, but mostly a publicity hound with a good sponsor.
- Jackie Kennedy. She's no Hayley Mills.
- Anne Boleyn.

Yeah, I'm sorry. I'm a dick.


Tim said...

Not sure if she is considered a historical figure yet but I always thought Jane Goodall was a hottie.

Deth said...

Jane Goodall look's like my friend, Joe's mom.