Friday, June 4, 2010

The Various Things I Eat

The Various Things I Eat Zine
I made a zine out of my food journal. It's B&W, xeroxed, 28 60lb pages, 5.5"x8" with a 80 lb card stock cover. I'm going to sell it for $5. You can get it

I finished my food journal in February, but then got caught up with finishing other projects I couldn't get to this until last Saturday. It took a few days to draw the last bits of the zine, and then it took about two days to figure out the cover and ink it, and 4 days to ink the 28 pages inside.

I had trouble figuring out the cover, and what to call it. I settled for "The Various Things I Eat" cause it the least lamest title I came up with. I wanted the cover to be food related, but I also wanted to draw a cover that was at least kind of decent. Usually I go for really simple covers cause the insides are pretty packed, but I went opposite and decided to pack the cover up as much as possible.

I penciled out a circle and tried drawing everything I eat with out repeating anything. I do repeat 2 items, a pear, and something else I forgot. It could be a corn dog or a cola. Uh there are different types of burgers and different types of hot dogs. Like there's a pretty big difference between a Char Dog and Top Dog. And if you're ever at the Dead Mall and you see a place serving "Chicago Style Hot Dogs", don't get it. You'll be really disappointed.

Page 1
This is my title page. I also went through a lot of different ideas for this page. The thing is, is that I don't really make zines like this. I usually just draw a bunch of random stuff and then bind it together, so I didn't know if I had to explain myself, like I did with my Oakland Zine. So I had several ideas. One was to NOT have a title page and add in the parts of August I left off (I left off August, cause Marci went on vacation without me, and all I ate was hot pockets, toast and water while she was gone).

Then I was going to do a tally of the food I ate, but it took so long and it got kind of confusing; do I count all my cokes, and then all the other colas, or just have a general cola list? Cause if I'd draw in either coca-cola can or a bottle of something for the tally it'd just confuse people.

And the last one was an actual introduction of my food zine. I went through several different versions, from me explaining why I drew everything I ate, to just me writing about the things I like eating and why, but yeah. I think most people who'd find this, wouldn't really need an explanation.

Uh, by default I just went with this. Which is just a line of flags and letters in a bubble. I drew in some clouds while contemplating drawing something else.

Pages 2&3
The problem with me and writing stuff out repeatedly is that I sometimes convince myself that I've been misspelling things all along. And I did that with the word "popsicle". After drawing out the word half a dozen times I convinced myself it was "popsickle". There was stuff that I always misspelled, which were agua frescas (aqua frescas) and kettle cooked chips (kettled cooked chips), which I didn't realize until redrawing it the second time around.

Pages 4&5

Pages 6&7

Pages 8&9
I hate drawing bananas so I went through all the pages and inked them in first.

Pages 10&11
The food I hate drawing more than bananas were bowls of cornflakes. It was just really tedious. And I ate a bowl everyday for a month.

Pages 12&13
I know it's excessive to photograph and upload every spread of my zine, but I figure if someone was going to buy it they might as well know what they'd get.

Pages 14&15
Favorite New Restaurants in Berkeley (in no particular order):
Steve's Korean BBQ on Durant: This place gets bad reviews, but I like it. Uh, it depends on what you get. I'd go for the BBQ pork, the steak gets kind of chewy after it cools. There are no vegetables, only kim chee. The places is also run by Mexicans, and they serve Mexican cola and jarritos. But seriously the portions are pretty amazing, and you can feed two people with one plate.
Intermezzo on Telegraph: I used to work here in college for a summer, so I didn't want to go back for a long time. I cut the tip off my left thumb twice, and and after the second time my boss gave me an extra 2 weeks pay and told me I shouldn't come back as he had one of the guys in the back drive me to the emergency room. Other than the numbness on the tip of my thumb I had a lot of good memories from that summer. The smell of salad dressing still makes me ill, though. They have a really good roast beef sandwich, and they serve aqua frescas.
Brazilian Cafe on University: We only ate here once, but it was pretty good. We got tri-tip and pineapple sandwiches, and the mango juice is just a mango blended.
Saul's on Shattuck: Their portions are small, their prices are steep, but the service is good and food is pretty awesome.
Arinell's Pizza on Shattuck: I don't like pizza but I like Arinell's a lot. It doesn't have a lot of cheese on it, and the crust is really thin. And a slice is really huge. People tell me I should try Bobby G's, but these are the same people who tell me to try the Cheeseboard, and yeah.
Chaat Cafe on University: It's an Indian place I just like. I like their kabob and their naan is made fresh.

Also Good:
Monte Cristo Taqueria: It's opened to midnight. Chorizo y Papas Burrito.
Cactus Taqueria on Solano. It's pretty clean. Not as good as the one on College, but I did get a BBQ Pork and Pineapple Burrito there once. Veggie Chrispy Tacos and Mini Quesidillas.
Amanda's on Shattuck: It's really clean, and kind of expensive. Their double burger though is pretty awesome, and they have homemade sodas. Also the place is super green business, everything is compostable or recyclable. Their plastic is made out corn.
Burgermeister on Shattuck: They opened a Burgermeister on Shattuck. It's alright.
Picoso Taqueria: Their burritos are alright, but they gave me a "burrito club" card, which is like, if you eat 6 they'll give you a seventh. I don't know about you, but having a frequent whatever card is pretty sweet.

Pages 16&17
My biggest worry was matching up the dates, and not getting anything wrong. Luckily everything matches up. It took me an hour and a half to photo copy 1500 times on 800 pages. I only screwed up once while xeroxing, and that was cause I just zoned out. The pages are Letter size, but I trimmed a half inch at the bottom. I can sell this at $5 instead of $8 cause I'm using Letter instead of Legal, and yeah I know. No one really cares. When I did my other zine, it was really hard to find a ream of paper that was cardstock and legal, and I ended up buying a ream of 11"x17" and trimming that down. Never make a zine using Legal size paper if you want a cardstock cover. Unless you get it professionally printed.

Pages 18&19
Yes, I am boring myself, too.

Pages 20&21

Pages 22&23

Pages 24&25

Pages 26&27

Page 28

Back Cover
I usually go for a simple back cover, but since the inside is mostly made up of the same stuff I just tried filling it up with as much random stuff as possible.

And yeah. that is it.


Anna M. said...

This is amazing! YES!

Gabbi said...

I'm with Anna... can't wait to see in person!

Deth said...

Oh, sweet. I hope you guys like it in person, too.

Malady said...

This is really great! I love your drawings. Where can I purchase this zine?

I'd love it if you'd check out my cartoons if you have time. : )

Lady Thirty said...

great idea!
can I order it from Sweden? :)

Deth said...

Thanks so much, guys. you can get my zine here:
and you can order them from sweden if you want.

malady- nice comics!