Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Gallery Heist San Francisco, (Thur. July 1st)

Gallery Heist "We Haven't Felt This Way In Years II" July 1st, 2010 San Francisco
Marci and I are in a group show curated by Ryan De La Hoz at Gallery Heist in the City. Marci has one painting, and I sent them two small ones. I forgot to document my work, so there's no online preview, and I kind of forgot what they look like cause I just finished them and went to bed, and then Marci went out and dropped them off in the City.

Official flyer
For the month of July Gallery Heist will be guest curated by Ryan De La Hoz

We Haven't Felt This Way In Years II
July 1st - August 1st 2010

Opening reception Thursday July 1st
7pm - 11pm
Gallery Heist
679 Geary St @ Leavenworth
San Francisco, CA

Marci Washington, Travis Millard, Corey Smith, Porous Walker, Justin Lovato, Amir H Fallah, Mike Maxwell, Marcie Oakes, Ryan Travis Christian, Jeremy Forson, Ryan Jacob Smith, Charles Martin, Henry Gunderson, Mia Christopher, Julian Duron, Alexander Martinez, Ryan De La Hoz, Scott Barry, Timothy Karpinski, Ryan T. Riss, Steve Seeley, Mark Warren Jacques, Chelsea Wong, Deth P Sun, Scott Greenwalt, Hannah Stouffer, Frank Callozzo, Ryan Bubnis, Patrick Kyle, Charmaine Olivia, Nick Gazin, William Emmert, Danny Espinosa, Kelie Bowman, Shawn Whisenant "AKO", Cortney Cassidy, Aaron Senegal, John Kearns, and more...

"We Haven't Felt This Way In Years II" is the second in a series of curated "surveys" by artist/curator Ryan De La Hoz, the first exhibition "We Haven't Felt This Way In Years" appearing at Double Punch Gallery in San Francisco November 2009.

This non themed exhibition will serve as an open survey of multiple artists from all across the United States. WHFTWIY aims to showcase a diverse range of high caliber artworks from both up/coming and established craftsmen and women.

Many of the artists will be in attendance and refreshments will be served.

Long live the creative spirit.

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