Monday, May 24, 2010

The Past Month or So

Uh, I haven't really been able to update on stuff cause we've been just so busy. I had to finish up work for 7 group shows, an illustration job, and a bunch of other random things. Then there are the birthdays between late April and the month of May.

So here's the past month or so compacted into one large post:
April 19th was my birthday. I was still in the middle of some deadlines so we took it easy this year cause I had to go home and work on stuff afterward. We took a day trip to the South Bay.
"Hawaiian"/Al Pastor
We went to Las Flamas, which has pretty good al pastor, and they mix pineapples into it. It's weird how you drive 40 miles south and Mexican food gets a little different. The other taco is Hawaiian, which is just ham and pineapple.

We also went to Bookbuyers in Mountain View (thanks to a recommendation on this blog), and yeah, they had a lot of paperbacks. We found 20 non-fiction paperbacks from the Anchor-Doubleday series.

And later that day we went to the Egyptian Museum in San Jose.
Egyptian Museum

Egyptian Museum

Egyptian Museum

Egyptian Museum
It looks like we were there for a long time but we actually arrived 30 minutes before they closed. They let us in for free, though and so we just ran through the exhibits taking pictures of everything. The place is huge and after the museum closed we walked around their gardens. They have a planetarium (one of the first 5 in the US), but the only open on certain times.

Egyptian Museum
cat mummy.

Egyptian Museum
Marci and Adam Beck.

Egyptian Museum
Us with a bunch of rams outside.

Egyptian Museum

Finishing up.
At the time I was still finishing up work for a small group show in Portland. I finished up these three at the same time.

Everything Out
I was able to squeeze out everything from this tube with a bone folder. I needed every last drop cause I didn't have another tube. I paint in my lines with high viscosity Golden, but cover backgrounds with Lascaux. The Lascaux dries even, but the Golden is pretty smooth.

In the Studio

On the Train
We took the train up to Portland. Marci's never been, and we had a sleeping compartment. It actually went by pretty fast.

On the Train

On the Train
Getting into PDX.

Marci at the Kennedy School
Our friend Pete recommended the Kennedy School as a good place to stay at while in Portland. It's the sweetest hotel. There's a restaurant inside, some bars, a brewery, a movie theater, and a salt water swimming pool. You'd think it'd be really loud staying there but it's a converted school, so the rooms are pretty far away from everything else and the neighborhood it's in is pretty residential. It was also pretty conveniently located a few blocks from the gallery.

My work installed. It took us about two hours. There's 39 pieces in the show.

Powell's Books
Powell's is always nice. We found some Gorey hardbacks there and a few paperbacks.

Eva, Patrick and Rhino
We visited some old friends and met their dog.

Chimichanga Burritos
We got chimchangas with them.

Waiting for the 9 Bus
Here's Marci waiting for the bus. The Portland bus system was pretty sweet. At the most we waited was about 5 minutes. Or maybe it was just cause we took the right 4 bus lines.

Ryan De La Hoz
I was in that show with Ryan De La Hoz. He drove up from San Francisco.

Ryan Bubnis
And Ryan Bubnis, whom we got to meet.

raccoon plane
Marci pile-drived through a crowd of Chinese people to take this photo of a raccoon jet for Shea.

Crawfish Bibs
Marci and her crawfish bib.

Adam and Tommy
Adam and Tommy. Marci has movie night, but I don't really watch the movies cause they always choose horror flicks. This night was "The Entity" which they can just rename "Ghost Rape". It's based on a true story.

Theatre Popcorn
Someone brought leftover theatre popcorn. They didn't eat all of it so I put it in the compost the next day. The compost smelled like buttered popcorn for about a week.

Birthday Girl
Here's a photo of Marci on her 30th birthday. We went to two malls (Bay View, Japantown) that day, and watched two movies at the Kabuki (Marci chose Iron Man 2 and Kick Ass). It was a pretty awesome day. They have Chicago style hot dogs at the Bay View mall.

Waffle Ice Cream Sandwich
Me and my waffle ice-cream sandwich.

Marci's garden is in bloom.

20000 Leagues w/ Stephin Merritt
We went and saw 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea with Stephin Merritt and Daniel Handler. They also had the organ player there. It was pretty packed, and I saw a few friends but could say hello cause the line was so long. It was sweet, but wasn't amazing. the movie kind of sucked.

For the Post-It Show in NYC in June
I said yes to the Post it Show in June. I normally sketch out paintings on post-its so it wasn't that had of a transition. If you're in New York you can get these for $20 each. Uh, they're non-archival, though.

This is Adam's cat Josephine. He's had her since he was in Jr. High. She's about 17 years old.

Little Thor

We tried the little fish.
Here's our sampler spread for little fish snacks. Kipper Snacks were a favorite but Marci doesn't like the fish smell it leaves.

Marci Meets Marcus
We meet a Maine Coon by the name of Marcus.

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