Saturday, May 22, 2010

Medicine Agency, SF, Thurs, June 17th

I'm in another group show that opens Thursday, June 17th in the City. This, is the address:

Medicine Agency Gallery
1262 Mason Street, The City, Calif.

I don't know anyone else who's in it, except from the e-mail list. There's Adam 5100, Kelly Tunstall, Rob Sato, Jay Howell, Travis Millard, Michael Sieben, and Nate Van Dyke.

The show is a very large group show of work that's 10"x10" or smaller. My piece is 10"x10". I picked up a panel at Utrecht when I was there a few weeks ago. It's nice that art stores are stocking panels, the place I usually go to is Artist & Craftsman, but they always sell out pretty fast. I try making it a habit to pick up stuff cause I don't drive. Sometimes this is alright, Then sometimes I look in my drawer and I have 4 tubes of titanium white.