Monday, May 24, 2010

Post-It Drawings

Here's an image of some of the drawings I'm sending to the post-it show in New York.
The opening is Saturday, June 19th, and it's at GRNY.

You know, when they ask you into this show, you think, "yeah, this is pretty easy". But then you realize that you have to go out and get post-its, and if you're not an office worker that means you're going to have to buy them. And trying to as arty as possible you want more than one color. So each pack is like $6-$8, which is a lot of money for sticky scrap paper. And my favorite colors are in two different packs. GR takes a 40%, and the set price for each post-it is $20, so you make $12 per drawing. I know of friends who work really hard on their drawings, but I don't. I just draw them between doing things.

These drawings by the way are about as un-archival as they get. The sticky back ruins books which is why Librarians hate post-its, cause students destroy books with them. But I don't know. I just draw the stuff.

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