Thursday, April 15, 2010

Still Painting

Finished this last night. It's 16"x20".

These are the small pieces put together. Will be making 5 more to go with them.

Hopefully for Portland I'll have:
(4) 16"x20"
(4) 9"x12"
(30) 5"x5"

Right now I have:
(3) 16"x20"
(1) 9"x12"
(25) 5"x5"

We have to go through taxes, but pretty after that I have until now till the 26th to finish 9 paintings. It's pretty doable but it pretty much means I have to hunker down and not get distracted.

I was working from 2pm-4am, and then I worked until 6am which totally threw me off when I woke up at 3pm. So I decided to switch my schedule to an early morning schedule by going to sleep that day around 11pm. I somehow woke up at 8am and have been on an early morning schedule since. It's kind of weird. I think I was making some bad color choices when there isn't enough natural light in the studio. I hope I can just keep on this 9am-12:30 schedule until I'm done with this show. It's kind of nice.

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