Friday, April 16, 2010


We made a huge mac salad together. There's 8 eggs, a cucumber, a yellow bell pepper, cilantro, tomatoes, and some other stuff. I made another salad, with just salad greens, mushrooms, yellow and orange bell peppers, endives, and tomatoes. We've been putting paprika on our salad dressing cause the Afghan place we like does it.

At the Produce Center I picked up some strawberries. They're huge and pretty awesome.

I switched our coffee to this. My mom bought me a can of Café Du Monde while we were in San Diego, but I can't find that here so I went with this instead. I found the Dark Roast Ground version for a little less than $4 at the Long's down the street. I pretty much bought it cause I liked the packaging.


We were in the school library and I noticed these in the Philosophy section.

They're Edward Gorey covers, but they had them rebound.

We were on campus to see Sam Handleman's show. He makes pretty awesome work.

Big Longs is the best.

My favorite pencil is the Mirado "Black Warrior". You can get a dozen for $2, or 40c each at the art store.

Other happenings:
I finished In Defense of Food by Michael Pollan so I ordered The Omnivore's Dilemma. I accidentally ordered the large print edition, so it's like 700 pages and kind of resembles a brick. I just don't like reading hardbound books and I tried looking for a paperback and I accidentally got this. So yeah. My bad. Each page is like a paragraph and a half. I also have this other book I think I'm going to read first just cause I need something to read while we're in Portland. It's The Origin of Species: And The Voyage of the Beagle. Uh, I pretty much bought the book for it's cover, and cause I'm cheap and got two books in one. There's some nice stuff on Darwin on PBS that you can watch online. What Darwin Never Knew is pretty sweet, and Darwin's Darkest Hour is pretty good in that funny made for TV kind of way.

This particular tin of sardines sits between the back cushions of Marci's car. It's in mustard sauce so Marci refuses to eat them. I found a tin that's just in water so we're going to try that sometime in the near future. Zach thinks we got it cause of that scene in Peewee where they're eating them on the train, but Marci wants to eat them cause of that scene in The 'Burbs where the meet the Klopek's and Tom Hanks is advised to eat them by Princess Leia. Yeah. I want to eat them cause I read it in this Michael Pollan book that it'd be smart to consider eating some of that stuff. Yeah, whatever Michael Pollan says.

Marci's on the Cover of the subscribers issue of Juxtapoz this month. You can read the interview here. And some more stuff from Juxtapoz.

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