Monday, April 5, 2010

Kate Beaton

If you've been following our blog for the past month and a half you might have noticed the multiple posts of Edward Gorey paperbacks we've been trying to collect, so yeah. My friend, Rob sent me this link a few weeks ago. It's a few strips by Kate Beaton based on Anchor Doubleday covers done by Edward Gorey (We have the five covers she did strips of, and she got the images from the Edward Gorey House website). Kate Beaton is probably my friend, Rob's favorite artist, which says a lot cause he's not really into art or much comics that I know of. So it pretty much means I should probably try reading her stuff sometime. I like her funny cat t-shirt. And her shirt about reading.


Bloglion said...

Hey there. I get contacted by Google every time Gorey's name appears online. I noticed your earlier post (and the fact that you know Deth, whose work I'm familiar with). I too collect these covers and have about 60 (with a few duplicates). I thought I'd give you a suggestion. Check out Bookbuyers in Mt. View. They have the LARGEST collection of old paperback titles I've ever seen, with tons of Anchor/Vintage Gorey covers. Happy hunting!

- Chris

Deth said...

Oh, sweet. Thanks so much. I really do appreciate it. Uh, i am Deth. I share this blog.