Thursday, March 4, 2010

Ryohei Tanaka at Rowan Morrison this Saturday 3/6

My old roommate Ryohei is having a solo show at Rowan Morrison this weekend in Oakland. Tomorrow he's having a book signing at Comic Relief.

Tokyo based artist Ryohei Tanaka is a wizard. With just a folded piece of paper, a pair of scissors, and an uncanny understanding of bilateral symmetry, Ryohei conjures fanciful creatures, realistic portraits, and realistic portraits of fanciful creatures. His unique take on the traditional Japanese art form kirigami has been featured in international exhibitions and contemporary art publications such as Giant Robot. This March, Ryohei brings his "Killer Cuts" to Rowan Morrison Gallery's first ever artist-in-residence exhibition.

For his solo show Ryohei will create a new body of work during a three-week stay in the gallery's adjacent studio. His papercut artworks consist of twisted humor, whimsy, absurdity, and general awesomeness. Ryohei will create commissioned papercut portraits LIVE during the opening reception.

Curator Pete Glover (who in 2007 published Tanaka's book Killer Cuts and Killing Shapes) says, "In the 15 years since the time I met Ryohei as a teenager, I have never known anybody else with his level of imagination and creativity. To get see his process when he makes work live during the reception will be a real treat for everyone".

Rowan Morrison Gallery and Artist's Bookstore
330 40th Street, Oakland, California 94609


Tinny said...

This guy's work looks similar to stuff in a sushi restaurant on College Ave. Is this the same artist?

Deth said...

Same guy.